TOURBON Tape Measure Hanger Carrier Metal Clip

4 months ago

- A metal hanger to carry your tape measure.

-Pocket tape measure clip is perfect replacement for your tape measure holder.

-Metal tape measure is small and light weight, which is convenient for you to carry when you are working.

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Product details


-The two holes on the clip makes it easy to insert and remove.

-The metal form clip inside of it holds its shape and keeps a tight fit while mounted on a place you want.

-Tape measure clip for pant pocket  is a nice change using the tape measure clip instead of keeping your tape measure in the pocket of your clothes.

-It fits tape measures within 1.5 inches, or other items of the same size.Well constructed, good craftsmanship.

-This tape measure holder provides a good solution for one who have been through the pain of attaching tape measures to his pockets and belts.

-Measuring tape holder clip is a ideal tool item for DIY lovers.

Product Parameters

Item Name:TOURBON Tape Measure Hanger Carrier Metal Clip 
Item No:LP00158-clip
Size:6.7cm x 2.4cm / 2.63" x0.94"
Material:Zinc alloy

Product details

-This clip can be fixed on any places by suitable screws, which is easy to install.

-Measuring tape clip tool is suitable for left and right hand users.