TOURBON Small Leather Axe Sheath Hatchet Cover

3 months ago

Hatchets with sheath is made of Leather with metal stud & copper rivet

Rivets are placed at the side to reinforce the body

Single bit axe sheath with a belt to tighten on axe handle, the leather strap is adjutable

Hatchet with leather sheath is easy on and off from the axe

Small ax sheath: Approx 5.11" x 4.33" Weight: 0.15lb

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Product details


-Small hatchet with sheath is perfectly to protect axe head against damage, as well as yourself and others against the sharp cutting edge

-Axe with sheath is ideal for camping, hunting, survival, timber getting or simply everyday storage

Product Parameters

Item Name:TOURBON Small Leather Axe Sheath Hatchet Cover
Item No:OT573LE2
Size:5.11" x 4.33"

Customer questions & answers

Question: Will it fit a 4inch blade?

Answer: I think this axe head cover can fit a 4 inch axe blade

By Tourbon

Answer: Yessir

By Ricky McCauley

Question: Will this sheath fit a Stihl 13 inch hatchet?

Answer: It will fit a4” bit

By Ricky McCauley

Product details

Leather hatchet holster has rivets with caps for safety.

Axe head protector helps protect the ax blade from moisture and keeps the blade sharp.

Hatchet with leather sheath is perfect to protect your axe or hatchet.