TOURBON Rifle Shell Holder Bandolier Gun Shoulder Strap Sling with Swivels

3 months ago

-Rifle sling with ammo holder made of high quality canvas & cow hide and suede leather makes you feel comfortable when carry.

-The Rifle Shoulder Strap has cartridge holder for caliber .30-30 .308 .30-06 etc,come with a small leather pouch which can hold hunting accessories.

-Gun shoulder strap made of high quality hardware and heavy-duty stitching are durable.

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Product details


-Both ends of the shoulder strap are 2.5cm(1 inch)wide, suitable for most swivels.

-The shoulder strap can be extended up to 43 inches.

-There is an adjustable buckle on the shoulder strap to help you adjust the length of the shoulder strap and fix the length.

-There is a small leather bag with a snap button on the side, which is easy to open or close. You can put a cleaning cloth or some hunting and shooting tools.

-Shoulder straps for guns have a strap on the top to hang the shoulder strap on the hook.

-The back of the shoulder strap has a non-slip texture to help prevent the shoulder strap from sliding during use.

Product Parameters

Item Name:TOURBON Rifle Shell Holder Bandolier Gun Shoulder Strap Sling with Swivels
Item No:HA1296CA
Material:Genuine Leather

Product details

-High -quality brass buckle and stitch.

-When used in the wild, hunting or shooting, the belt is wide enough and comfortable to wear.


-Leather rifle sling with cartridge loops is a great gift that can help you express your deep feelings. You can give it to your partner, friends, father and anyone you think is worthwhile.