TOURBON Vintage Portable Golf Ball Holder for 2 Balls

3 months ago

-Tourbon golf ball holder pouch made of high quality vintage leather.

-Golf tee bag pouch have soild brass snap hook for easy bag. attachment. , 2" belt slot for easy waist belt attachment.

-Leather pouch holds up to 2 golf balls, 2 tees, and 1 divot fork.

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Product details


-Golf bag ball holder have metal snap closure provide easy access as well as secure closure.

-Golf ball bag pouch with back loops and hooks, you can fix them on your golf bag or belt.

-This golf pouch bag for men can be opened or closed by a snap buckle. It is easy to open and take your golf ball, and it can hold your golf ball firmly.

-There is a 1 inch hole at the bottom. When you want to take out the golf ball, you can press your finger into the hole to push the golf ball out, which is very convenient and quick.

-Very handy molded golf ball and tee holder.

-Snap closures provide easy access as well as secure.

-An essential piece of equipment for beginners and established golfers.

-Grab a tee from the side of the clip and you are ready to tee off.

Product Parameters

Item Name:TOURBON Vintage Portable Golf Ball Holder for 2 Balls
Item No:OT515LE2
Material:Vegetable Leather 

Product details


-Hand stitching with exquisite design.


-Great for replacement balls or tees.


-With a hook to hang on your golf bag.