TOURBON Leather Axe Handle Protection Covers with Strap

3 months ago

-The axe handle guard is made of thick genuine leather.

-Hatchet handle guard with adjustable straps make sure stay tightly fitted to the handle

-Overstrike protector is easy to use, comfortable on hands. Gives axe authentic look and feel

-Ax guard: Approx 5.51" x 2.16" x 1.37", Weight:0.06lb

-Please note: Axe is not inclusive, and there are two color, red and brown.

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Product details


-Help to protect axe handle from damage and miss swings

Product Parameters

Item Name:TOURBON Leather Axe Handle Protection Covers with Strap
Item No:OT540LE2
Size:5.51" x 2.16" x 1.37"
Color:Red and Brown

Customer questions & answers

Question: Would this fit a cold steel axe gang hatchet?

Answer: Yes , this leather adjustable hatchet cover fit a cold steel axe gang hatchet

By Tourbon_Safar

Question: what is the thickness of the leather used to make this?

Answer: Looks like just shy of an eighth inch

By C.

Question: Does the color match the tourbon vintage leather axe head sheath and belt carrier? is it compatable with that belt carrier?

Answer: I wouldn't know. I have a huskvarna axe and the sheath it came with.

By Bobby Howard

Question: Hello, I have a tomahawk I would like to put this on. The circumfrence of the handle is a hair over 3.5 inches, would this fit?

Answer: Yes , this leather axe handle cover will fit your 3.5 inches handle tomahawk

By Lili23 

Product details

Axe collar is made of premium leather.


Axe handle guard make your axe look good.

Axe handle protector protect your axe handle from breakdown whenever you overstrike your axe