DECO Aquatic Life Support System (DECOFACC) for Suzhou Aquarium

1 year ago

The new Taihu Underwater World is located in the heart of Suzhou’s Taihu Scenic Zone. The new aquarium, with an investment of 25 million USD, began its first trial period on October 13th. The new venue is part of the Suzhou Aquarium and attractions include a Centre Aquarium, a diving hall and a marine theatre. The aquarium’s total water body is 7000 cubic metres and contains over 1200 different marine life forms. Moreover, it is the first aquarium in China to exhibit marine animals and plants from the fresh waters of the Yangtze River and Taihu Lake. Furthermore, the diving hall is the largest indoor diving venue in East China area. With a total depth of 15.8 metres, the new diving hall will allow tourists to get into close contact with a large variety of marine animals and plants.
DECO has designed , supplied and installed the full set of DECOFACC marine life support system for the aquarium so as to help the marine animals adapt to their new environment.

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