DECO Aquaculture Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.
DECO Aquaculture Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.
Profile : DECO International Ltd. was founded in 1993. As a professional expert in life support solutions for marine lives, DECO has integrated German technology with its design and developed its own patented technologies in aquaculture and aquarium water treatment. Guangzhou DECO Aquaculture Equipment Technology Co. Ltd has been manufacturing and supplying RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) and life support systems for land based fish farms and aquariums for more than 20 years. DECO is devoted to providing integrated solutions to your business related to sustaining marine lives. Based on the demands of the customers, DECO is able to provide eco-friendly, energy-saving solutions and supply high-quality and reliable aquatic life support systems for different kinds of cultured fish. We manage the water quality for your fish business.
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