Customized 1000ml 1500ml oil gel cream 12 nozzles automatic filling capping line liquid detergent packing machine

3 months ago

This series of production lines are suitable for filling and capping of various paste and liquid products, and are widely used in food, daily chemical medicine and other fields.

Simple adjustment of filling volume and filling speed, intelligent photoelectric induction, automatic filling if there is a bottle, no filling if there is no bottle, automatic liquid level control feeding, convenient, fast and labor-saving

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Product details
Product Parameters

Max filling speedfilling 200ml, 2000~3000 pcs/hour, speed will be different when bottle shape and neck size and the filling material forming and other physical propertyApplicable bottle diameter size30-300(mm)
Applicable bottle height size30-300(mm)Filling dose100~ 1000ml (Customizable)
Filling accuracy±1%VoltageAC220V, single phase, 50/60HZ
Power1.0KWWorking pressure0.6MPa
Program controlPLC+touch screen man-machine interfaceCapping speed2000-3000 bottles/hour
Lower cover wayManual or vibrating plateMachine directionfrom left to right


  • Main Features(Filling machine):
    1、The equipment has strong compatibility, and can quickly adjust and replace bottles of different shapes and specificationswithout replacing parts, which can meet the production requirements of multiple varieties and specifications.

    2、PLC control ,touch bottle operatation ,simple and convenient operation.

    3、The use of internatioal famouse brand electrical components, performance and stability.

    4、User can adjust filling range, the materials is not enough in hopper, the computer will give the feeding pump signal to addmaterial by level sensor. When the material is full, the pump will stop automatically.

    5、Machine body is made by 304 stainless steel, easy to clean, machine is full compliance with GMP requirements.

    6、Peristaltic pump or piston pump filling system, measuring precision, convenient manipulation.

  • Main Features(Capping machine):

    1.No lids,no screwing,automatic detection.

    2.Which can be match with packing line.

    3.which applied for different cap in different material and different specifications.

    4.Which adopt identity torsion capping head, the capping device could not hurt the cap .

    5.which use 3-roller type capping knife ,it is easy to regulate the pressure.

    6.which applied for metal cap ,screw type cap , pilfer-proofcap, compression cap, etc…

Scope of application

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    How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged?
    At first , our package is standard for shipping, before sign in, please be sure product undamage, otherwise, pls contact with us within 2days, we've bought insurance for you, we or shipping company will be responsible!
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    There are too many models, i don't know which one to choose.
    Welcome to contact us through Trade Manager, we will recommend according to your requirement. If during closing time or weekend, Please send mail to us, we will response within 24 hours.
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    This is my first time to import, how can I trust your company and ensure to get the goods if I order from you?
    We are alibaba legitimate certification company (VIP), and we support payment terms: L/C. Escrow, to ensure your safety.
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    What else you can do for customers?
    We believe that we are in the same team with our customers to attain win-win. So we are not just a machinery producer, we can provide a complete project, also we can help customers to solve the problem.
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    Are you a company? or a factory?
    We have a factory, our factory is in Yangzhou, jiangsu province. And we have the exhibition room in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.
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