Red Light Therapy Device

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The red light therapy instrument is a new type of phototherapy equipment that can be used in hospitals and homes. Its basic principle is to obtain the red visible light band mainly at 600~700nm through a special filter, which penetrates deeply into the human body and has better curative effect. Okay. The output power of the whole machine is high (equivalent to more than 100 times that of He-Ne laser) and the spot is large (equivalent to hundreds of times that of He-Ne laser), which provides a better treatment method for treating some large-scale diseases. The light output is divided into "strong" and "weak" levels to suit patients of different constitutions. The whole machine adopts a movable floor-standing cabinet design, and the red light head can also be raised and lowered electrically and smoothly, that is, the manual red light and automatic red light on the market, which greatly facilitates medical workers.

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Product details
Product Introduction


main feature

1. Multi-purpose: The original beam output is standard, the original beam can be used for body surface treatment, and optical fiber output can be selected, which is more suitable for the treatment of shallow cavity parts such as gynecology and ENT treatment;

2. Wide spectrum: the output wavelength is mainly 600nm ~ 700nm, which is incomparable with the narrow wavelength of LED laser;

3. High power: the optical output power is not less than 3W (equivalent to more than 100 times that of the helium-neon laser);

4. Large light spot: more than 120mm at 100mm from the window (equivalent to several hundred times that of the He-Ne laser);

5. Microcomputer control circuit, digital time display control system, work automatically after setting working time.

Main Specifications

1. Spectral wavelength: mainly visible red light 600nm ~ 700nm including some near-infrared light;

2. Spot diameter: greater than 120mm at 100mm from the window;

3. Optical output power: not less than 3W

4. Timing range: 0min~999min, continuously adjustable;

5. The treatment head can work at any angle within 360°, which is simple and convenient to use.

Treatment range

1. Dermatology: herpes zoster, alopecia areata, lower extremity ulcers, bedsores, phlebitis, erysipelas, boils, dermatitis, folliculitis, acne, paronychia, rosacea, anal itching, frostbite and various condyloma, etc.;

2. Surgery: wound infection, abscess, ulcer, prostatitis, lumbar muscle strain, anal fissure, frozen shoulder, soft tissue contusion, scald, buttock induration after injection, burn and postoperative healing, etc.;

3. Gynecology: chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, cervical erosion, leukoplakia, genital itching, breast cystic hyperplasia, acute mastitis, nipple erosion, postpartum infection and post-operative recovery;

4. Internal medicine: pediatric diarrhea, ischemic heart disease, chronic gastritis, pediatric pneumonia, neuralgia, etc.;

5. Otolaryngology: chronic rhinitis, tonsillitis, otitis externa, laryngitis

6. Department of Burns: II ゜ Burn, infection and surgical healing.

Therapeutic mechanism

The treatment mechanism of the red light therapy instrument is to produce photochemical effects on the organism, so that it produces important biological effects and therapeutic effects. Mitochondria in cells absorb red light the most. After red light irradiation, mitochondrial catalase activity increases, which can increase cell metabolism; increase glycogen content, increase protein synthesis, and increase adenosine triphosphate decomposition, thereby strengthening the cell's metabolism. It promotes the healing of wounds and ulcers; it also increases the phagocytosis of white blood cells and improves the immune function of the body. Therefore, a variety of diseases can be treated clinically. From the long-term clinical trials and collected use reports and papers, it can be seen that the red light therapy device can be used to treat dermatology, surgery, internal medicine, gynecology, burns, otolaryngology, etc. many diseases.

The red light therapy instrument is manufactured for the characteristics of different selective absorption; it can promote the solidification of the protein of the diseased tissue in a short time, improve the local blood circulation, enhance the immune function, promote the metabolism of the local tissue, and produce a series of Benign reaction, promote the formation of new squamous epithelial cells, accelerate the absorption of exudates, reduce muscle tension, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing swelling, reducing inflammation, analgesia, eradicating erosive tissue, accelerating wound healing and even disease.

other information

Light in different wavelength bands has clinical application value. In foreign countries, phototherapy instruments with comprehensive wavelength bands are more common, and infrared and ultraviolet phototherapy instruments are more common in China.

Red light therapy is a type of physical therapy and generally has no side effects. But sometimes with reference to different treatment sites, there will be some temporary discomfort and other reactions. For example, foreign body sensation in the eyes, pimples, etc., are normal.

Do not irradiate the eyes, the abdomen of pregnant women, patients with pacemakers, newborns, infants, and patients who are considered unsuitable for irradiation by doctors.