Relationship between application of 660 nm light wave and semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument

1 year ago

Recently, I have been consulting materials to understand the semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument; Too much information makes me unable to make the most correct judgment; Because I am a college student of traditional Chinese medicine, it is really the first time I have heard that laser can reduce blood lipid. Maybe it is also because I have too little knowledge! So I went to check the information. The network is so developed. Are you afraid I can't understand it? Then the next step is to consult relevant materials in various places. I sorted out some information.

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  1. 1. McCall, a medical expert of the United Nations Department of health, predicted that the emergence of the third generation of extracorporeal laser irradiation blood washing therapy will bring good news to patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases around the world, and can save at least 10 million lives of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases every year.

  2. 2. Wang Wen: Director of Cardiology, Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, expert of the expert committee of the National Cardiovascular Center, vice chairman and Secretary General of China hypertension alliance, professor and doctoral supervisor: low intensity laser irradiation has good effects in improving microcirculation, lowering blood pressure and regulating blood lipid. At present, chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and high blood viscosity mainly rely on drug treatment. There are problems such as drug resistance and side effects, which often can not achieve the expected effect. Low intensity laser therapy is an important non drug therapy for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. When the low-intensity laser acts on the biological tissue, it will not cause damage to the biological tissue, will not cause any damage to the body, and can benign stimulate the body to produce a series of photochemical reactions and biological effects, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment and health care.

  3. 3. Zhu Ping: chief physician of Tongren Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University: laser is a major technological revolution in the 1960s. The effects of laser blood irradiation treatment include preventing thrombosis, reducing blood viscosity, reducing blood lipids, reducing free radicals, reducing blood glucose, reducing hypertension and reducing atherosclerosis.

  4. 4. Zhang Ping: Director and professor of laser medicine research center of Zhengzhou University, editor in chief of laser medicine: the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia and other countries are using laser irradiation. The laser therapeutic instrument has been clinically tested in many hospitals and achieved good therapeutic results. It can be used for therapeutic instrument and health care, and has a significant therapeutic effect on reducing blood lipid and blood viscosity; It also has a good effect on hypertension, heart disease and diabetes caused by hyperlipemia and blood viscosity. There are also many expert arguments, which I will not list one by one here. You can refer to them yourself.

The functional principle of 660 nm laser irradiation. Laser is a major technology produced in the early 1960s and is regarded as one of the four great inventions of the 20th century (laser, semiconductor, atomic energy and computer). In the early 1990s, Russia first applied low-intensity laser to medical treatment, Russian astronauts took the laser energy introduction instrument into space as an important tool for adjuvant treatment and health care, which shocked the medical circles all over the world and called it "the light of life". The light wave with the wavelength of 650nm is called the "light of life" in the golden band of the human body by the world medical community. It can not only penetrate the skin, fat, muscle, blood vessel wall and other tissues of the human body, but also do not harm the tissues and cells of the human body. The emitted laser power is 5MW. It belongs to low-energy laser, and the irradiation density is far less than the damage threshold of body and blood damage. During nasal laser irradiation, the laser penetrates the human body without causing any damage to the body. A large amount of laser energy penetrates the blood vessel wall and other tissues and is absorbed by blood, which has a good therapeutic effect.