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Upgraded technologies are applied to the manufacturing process of the product. With those advantages mentioned above, the product has wide scopes of application, such as Motion & Position Sensors.
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At present, the basic rules of design in our company are to keep customer-oriented and industry-driven. Our Air conditioner auto control sensor module, easy operation motion sensor switch BS033Chas a look that is unique enough to grab the attention of most of the customers. Moreover, it has the tested performance and so on. These aspects can prove the value of the product. Air conditioner auto control sensor module, easy operation motion sensor switch BS033C starting from the user experience and using strong research and development capabilities, it can effectively solving the pain points of the industry. Our Air conditioner auto control sensor module, easy operation motion sensor switch BS033C has been through multiple tests conducted by professional technicians, the purpose of which is to confirm its practical use. When applied in the application area(s) of Motion & Position Sensors, the motion sensor, motion sensor switch, motion sensor light switch, occupancy sensor, dc sensor, dimmer, light sensor can be reliable and long-lasting, saving plenty cost for users.

Model Number:BS033CPlace of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:BESTERUsage:Led sensor switch
Theory:PIR Motion sensor,microwave sensorOutput:Switching Transducer
Material:PC (UV proof)

Air conditioner auto control sensor module, easy operation motion sensor switch BS033C






This product only works in the dusk or evening when the ambient light is less than 20 LUX
or no any light in the surrounding environment.

  • Theory: The product adopts good sensitivity detector, integrated circuit.  
  • Functions: It gathers automatism, convenience, safety, saving-energy and practicality functions. 
  • Performace: It utilizes the infrared energy from human as control-signal source, it can start the load at once when one enters detection field. It can identify day and night automatically.
  • Usage: Its installation is very convenient and its using is very wide. Detection is possible through doors, panes of glass or thin walls.


Model No.


Power Sourcing


Power Frequency


Detection Range 


Detection Distance 

9m max(<24°C)

Working Temperature


Ambient Light



Min.:10sec±3sec   Max.:7min±2min

Working Humidity

0.45W (work)  0.1w(static)

Installing Height


Power Consumption


0.45W (work)  0.1w(static)


Detection motion speed


Rated Load

1200W/220V(incandescent lamp) 300W/220V(energy-saving lamp) 

800W/110V(incandescent lamp) 200W/110V(energy-saving lamp)






























Practicality Fuctions 

  1. It can only work in the ambient light less than 20LUX (dark).
  2. Time-Delay is added continually: When it receives the second induction signals after the first induction, it will compute time once more on the basic of the first time-delay rest.
  3. Time–Delay is adjustable. It can be set according to the consumer’s desire. The minimum time is 10sec±3sec. The maximum is 7min±2min. 
  4. The switch: ON”,“OFF”,“AUTO”.






Installation (see the diagram)

  • Shut off the power.
  • Loosen the connection column on the bottom of sensor, plug the wire into connection hole, tighten the screws; unload the surface of sensor, connect the sensor into connection box.
  • Cross the installation screws into installation hole of sensor, aimed at the hole of connection box, tighten the screws, cover the surface of sensor.
  • Switch on the ower then test it.
  • 220V Pir motion sensor switch for led light




  • Set the function switch to “ON”, turn the TIME knob anti-clockwise on the minimum after taking the board-face off.
  • Switch on the power, the lamp should be on;
  • Set the function switch to “OFF”, the lamp should be off immediately, all functions should be in “stop” state.
  • Set the function switch to “AUTO”,  after 30sec later, it enter into working position, the lamp will be turned on after receiving the inductor signal. Under no inductor signal condition, the lamp should be off within 5~10sec, the lamp should be on again after 5sec 


  • Electrician or experienced human can install it.
  • The unrest objects can’t be regarded the installation basis-face.
  • There aren’t hinder or unrest objects effecting detection in front of the detection window.
  • Avoid installing it near temperature alteration zones, for example: air condition, central heating etc.
  • Please don’t open the case for your safety if you find the hitch after installation.
  • If there are some difference between instruction and the function the product has, please give priority to product and sorry not to inform you additionally.


Some problem and solved way


1.The load don’t work:
a. check the power and the load.

b. If the load is good.
c. If the indicator lamp is light or not.
d. Please check if the working light correspond to the ambient- light.


2.The sensitivity is poor:
a. Please check if in front of the detection window there is hinder that effect to receive the signals.
b. Please check the ambient temperature.
c. Please check if the signal source is in the detection field.
d. Please check the installation height.
e. If the moving orientation is correct.


3.The sensor can’t shut off the load automatically:
a. If there is continual sensor signal in the detection field.
b. If the time-delay be set to the longest.
c. If the power correspond to the instruction.
d. If the temperature change near the sensor.Such as air condition, central heating etc.






Deal information


 MOQ: 100pcs


 Trade term: EXW Shenzhen


 Delivery time: 5-7 working days for sample order, 10-20 working days for mass order


Warranty term


1. Under the terms of this warranty, if the product have a failure occurs under normal usage within warranty period, BESTER will provide free/rework new products based on the proof-documents


2. If Failure or damage due to incorrect operation, wire connection, or anything other do not follow our instuction, BESTER will provide paid maintance within warranty period.


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