Micro TIG 185DA

1 year ago
This machine works perfectly whether you are a TIG welding fan or professional, it offers a solution simple, very portable and compact for your TIG welding needs. The Micro TIG 185 has up to 185 AC / DC amps. Delivers a smooth and stable arc performance that is on par with the most expensive welders in the market.
The 110 / 220V dual voltage design allows the unit to be taken anywhere. Operating in 110V, you can weld up to 1/8 ”steel. Of course, operating on 220V you can weld much more, up to 3/16 ”.
The MicroTIG 185 is a TIG welder, offering everything you need to carry out the best possible welding. With the AC balance (Clean) and AC Frequency control knobs can be controlled together to produce welds of high quality aluminum.
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