3/4 Automatic Screen Printing Machine with Auto Unloading System For PVC/PCB/Paper

1 year ago

It is a big size vertical flat screen printing machine with auto unloading device and UV curing machine

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Product details

Technical Parameter (screen printing machine):

1) Max.printing area:          500*700mm

2) Worktable size:               600*800mm

3) Max screen frame size:   700*1000mm

4) Power:                             220V

5) Wattage:                         2KW

6) Air pressure:                   5-7bar

7) Number of Color:           single color

8) Machine size:                 1300*1100*1350mm

Technical Parameter (UV curing machine):

1) Inlet length:                   1500mm

2) Output length:              500mm

3) Chamber length:           1000mm

4) Belt width:                     700mm

5) Lamp wattage:              3KW×2pcs

6) Power:                           380V

7) Machine size:                3000*900*1600mm