Full Automatic Cutting Mat Printing /Blackboard Automatic Screen Printing Machine with IR drying

1 year ago

The machine is special designed for printing cutting mats with high speed and automatic. Building up printing and conveying system by high precision servo motor and cam divider to finish printing automatically, The printing speed can be up to 1000pcs/hr.

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Product details

Technical Parameter (screen printing machine):

1) Max. printing area:      350*220 mm

2) Worktable size:           400*250 mm

3) Max. frame size:          250*550mm

4) Machine size:              2200*1400*1600mm

5) Weight:                        600kg

6) Voltage:                        220V

Technical Parameter (IR drying machine):

1) Conveyor belt width:                600mm

2) Inlet length:                              500mm

3) Outlet length:                           500mm

4) Chamber length:                      2000mm

5) Total length of conveyor belt:  3000mm

6)Conveyor belt material:             Teflon

7)Conveyor belt speed:                1-10M/mitues

8)Infrared Lamps:                         800w*12pcs

9)Temperature:                             0-180 degree

10)Machine size:                          3000*900*1150mm

11)Machine weight:                     220kg

12)  Voltage:                                      380V