Matte black exposed hot and cold shower set

2 years ago

Exposed black textured shower, creating a distinctive and forthright style.

Simple and smooth shape design, comfortable to touch and upgrade the experience.

Three functions handheld, break the dull single shower, add vitality and fun.

9-inch shower head, a large area of water, natural rain effect.

Three functions change in one key, flexible conversion, simple and fast.

Selected low-lead brass casting, fine appearance, uniform wall thickness, durable.

Free lift, to meet the bathing needs of different height
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Product details


  • 1. Fully covered under Lanerdi's limited lifetime warranty, no worry just enjoy the matte black exposed hot and cold shower set.

  • 2. The 10" deluxe overhead showerhead provides good coverage (you can choose other sizes of showerhead) and bathes your entire body as if you were in a luxury hotel or spa, bringing you a more comfortable and different bathing experience. Easy to clean and anti-clogging nozzle, 360° rotating adjustable angle.

  • 3. Use of high-quality solid brass and 304 stainless steel, durable, strong resistance to pressure, long service life, stable performance, no leakage.

  • 4. Multi-functional water outlet, rain shower, handheld shower, bathtub faucet, can meet different needs.

  • 5. Adjustable handheld shower: the handle shower can be turned left and right and moved up and down to adjust the angle and height. According to the height of the user to adjust the appropriate position to meet the shower needs of different family members.

  • 6. High-quality multi-layer protection plating surface treatment, and to ensure long-term use with lasting luster and beauty, after the salt spray test of the multi-layer plating, can easily cope with the wet environment of the shower room corrosion on the surface.

  • 7. For a personalized look, Lanerdi offers a choice of chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, gunmetal, brushed gold, multi-layer plating with salt spray test for exposure to wet bathroom conditions

  • Note: Due to the reflective nature of faucets, the appearance of various finishes may change depending on the lighting in your kitchen, warm or cold light, and the color of surrounding objects, all of which can affect the appearance of the faucet. So the actual appearance of the faucet in your home environment may differ slightly from the displayed image


Installation type

Exposed shower set
Primary materialSolid brass body construction
Surface treatmentMatte black finish
Surface finish standardPass 24h acid salt spray test, paint adhesion testing, pencil hardness test
Rigid riser kitstainless steel material
Hand showerABS material
Hand shower function
3 function, spray / massage / spray+massage
Hans shower hosestainless steel hand shower hose
Handle materialZinc alloy
Shower headFull rain abs shower head

CE certifiedYes
WRAS certifiedYes
ACS certifiedYes

SO551 13 01 1Chrome finish
SO551 13 02 1Brushed nickel finish
SO551 13 30 1Brushed gold finish
SO551 13 31 1Matte black finish
SO551 13 37 1Gunmetal finish
SO551 13 36 1Rose gold finish
SO551 13 10 1Black + Rose gold finish
SO551 13 04 1Black + chrome finish