Flat tempered glass

2 years ago
Straight tempered glass or toughened glass is a type of safety glass,its strength is increased 4-6times compared with normal glass (annealed glass), when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks, which are less likely to cause injury.

Heat Strengthened Glass is similar to tempered glass except that the cooling is done at a much slower pace. Heat strengthened glass is a semi tempered glass which retains the normal properties of ordinary float glass. It’s not easy to spontaneous breakage, Heat Strengthened Glass is often used in laminated glass, as it allows better interlayer adhesion than toughened glass due to the flatter nature of the heat strengthened product. In addition it has excellent breakage characteristics and prevents fallout and collapse.

Heat soaking involves heating the tempered glass, the purpose of heat soaking is to reduce the incidence of tempered glass breaking spontaneously after installation.


Interior Application: shower room, table top, windows, glass sliding door, glass partition, glass fence, glass treads, glass hinge door, handrail, glass floor, glass walk-way, glass balcony,glass balustrade,glass shelf, etc.

Exterior Application: glass skylight, glass curtain wall, windows, glass doors, glass facade, glass house, glass sun house, greenhouse, glass canopy, glass balcony, glass fence, pool glass fence, glass railing, glass balustrade, etc.
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