Best Polyurethane Glue Energy Electronics-solar controller

2 years ago

The generation, transmission and storage equipment of traditional and renewable energy plants are often exposed to very harsh conditions. FM Sealant adhesives provide effective protection and insulation for electrical and electronic components such as transformers, chokers and capacitors to ensure uniform heat dissipation.

FM SEALANT potting materials can be used for insulation protection, bonding and border sealing of junction boxes of solar panel cell modules, as well as for distribution boxes. On the variable voltage side, our potting glue material provides fire protection for transformers and chokers in solar inverters as well as fast, uniform heat dissipation to ensure system durability. Our resins provide reliable fire and insulation protection for the highly sensitive capacitors used for temporary energy storage inside the solar inverters.

Product features are as below:

• Flame-retardant properties in accordance with UL 94 V-0 • Low loss coefficient • Excellent electrical performance • Good fluidity, good impregnation, good thermal conductivity • Low water absorption, heat resistance • Good adhesion to plastics and metals and some glasses • Good weather resistance and good temperature resistance • High mechanical strength • The materials have passed the RoHS, REACH and halogen-free test

The series of products are widely used in energy electronics industry: fault indicator, low voltage transformer, low voltage transformer, capacitor, filter, solar controller, micro inverter and other fields.Application in high efficiency filter, vacuum cleaner filter element, dust filter cartridge, water treatment and other fields.

FM Sealant customizes the solution to your product needs. Establish the strategic partnership with you and save the manufacturing costs.

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