Urethane Glue Lighting Electronics-Driving Power Potting

2 years ago

The driving power supply is used to convert the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED light voltage converter. It is a key component of LED lighting and plays a vital role in the performance and life of LED lighting. In recent years, the demand for driving power supply is on the rise, and its industry requirements are also gradually improving, especially for outdoor and industrial lighting, which requires driving power supply to have excellent environmental adaptability.

FM SEALANT potting glue products have excellent performance of waterproof, heat conduction, high and low temperature resistance, etc., which can effectively improve the environmental adaptability of the driving power supply, ensure its long-term stable operation, and escort the driving power supply.

At present, FM SEALANT has developed and produced a number of driving power supply potting adhesive products, respectively for different application scenarios, such as FM-700(GDR) to meet the requirements of high thermal conductivity potting application with excellent product quality and high cost performance. FM SEALANT has won the industry and customers praise. In the future, FM SEALANT will rely on strong research and development ability and production technology.According to the requirements of customers and the industry to develop more diversified and more efficient potting adhesive products to provide customers with effective and reliable driving power potting adhesive solutions.

Product features are as below:

▪ Excellent water resistance ▪ High thermal conductivity ▪ Good weather resistance ▪ High and low temperature resistance ▪ Meet UL94 V - 0 ▪ RoHS ▪ Meet the EU standard and REACH

This series of products are widely used in lighting electronics industry: driving power supply, line light, soft light strip, point light source and other fields.

FM Sealant customizes the solution to your product needs. Establish the strategic partnership with you and save the manufacturing costs.

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Lighting Electronics-Driving Power Potting