Polyurethane Potting Compound Intelligent kitchen and bathroom

2 years ago

How to make the service life of intelligent control board longer in the high temperature and humidity environment is very important. FM SEALANT potting adhesive can effectively protect PCB control board of intelligent toilet and PCB control board of washing machine. It has the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof, mould proof and insulation, and effectively protects the control board in the harsh using environment of high humidity, high temperature and high vibration so that it can work normally for a long time.

With the innovation of electronic components, towards the direction of lightweight, precision development, pay more attention to the stability of potting glue, weather resistance, low stress, to ensure the stable operation of devices. FM SEALANT has a unique advantage in this respect, the stability of polyurethane molecular structure and natural water resistance, so that the product can pass more than 1000 hours of double 85 tests.

Product features are as below:

▪ Meet UL 94 V0 standard ▪ Excellent liquidity ▪ High transparency ▪ Excellent shock resistance ▪ Excellent water resistance ▪ Good weather resistance and stability ▪ The material has passed the ROHS ,REACH and halogen-free test

Products are used in washing machine, intelligent toilet, intelligent water meter, gas stove igniter and other PCB board field.

FM Sealant customizes the solution to your product needs.Establish the strategic partnership with you and save the manufacturing costs.

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