General electronic-control system

2 years ago

Driven by the changes of energy technology and emerging technology, the amount of polyurethane adhesive used has entered a period of rapid growth. In order to fully ensure the safety elements of the control system, such as heat dissipation, shock absorption, waterproof, flame-retardant and explosion-proof, anti-electromagnetic interference and other performance indicators, potting materials are generally used.

FM SEALANT potting materials have excellent gasability, high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance and technological advantages, so they are often be used for potting protection in PCB control systems.

Product features are as below:

▪ Meet UL 94 V0 standard ▪ Excellent liquidity ▪ High transparency ▪ Excellent shock resistance ▪ Excellent water resistance ▪ Good weather resistance and stability ▪ The material has passed the RoHS, REACH and halogen-free test

The products are used in motor controller, water pump, power tools and other fields.

FM Sealant customizes the solution to your product needs. Establish the strategic partnership with you and save the manufacturing costs.

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General electronic control system