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1 year ago
Introduction:Perfect Floating Shelf Hardware for Heavy Duty Floating Shelf to add More Storage and Visual Interest to Any Wall.

Beautiful and simple- Make a statement and taking the place of artwork with these triangle rustic
floating shelves bracket or matel brackets that is just the right size for wall mounted storage.

Premium quality- Heavy duty floating shelf bracket is made of by the high strength steel,able to hold large floating shelves.

Suitable for any room- These high quality black shelf bracket is ideal for room with 4 different mounting setups, holding any floating shelf of wood or metal for a wide variety of usage.

Simple to install- Floating shelf mount on these heavy duty shelf bracket is easy with an angled/offset screwdriver and both angled bracket are perfectly aligned to fit any placement.

Customized for Customer-We special for Customized by your inquiry,can stisfied customer personalized demand.

Great Ideas for Floating Shelves

Book shelves - Add an interesting linear library behind the couch to spend a lazy afternoon lost in your favorite story.

Nursery room - Hang these shelf support bracket high if you want to make sure your kids can’t reach the items or low for easy access.

Kitchen cabinet - Use metal wall shelves instead of wood to brighten up your kitchen with a cluster free look that blends well with these wall brackets for shelves.

Mini bar - Create the ultimate makeshift mini bar with these rustic shelf bracket when you don’t have a designated space and showcase your favorite liquors on your wall ledge.

Inhouse garden - Brighten up and improve the air quality indoors with houseplants supported on these amazingly strong wall shelf brackets.

Bathroom rack - Don't worry about ugly rust stains in humid environment as these shelf brackets are protected with corrosion resistant coating.
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