Special Design Initial Necklace Stainless Steel Gold Plated Custom Shell Color Letter Necklace for women

3 months ago

Wholesale custom stainless steel initials necklaces, colorful shell style, unique and fashionable personality design, a variety of shapes to choose from, to meet the daily matching needs of women, show your beauty, and also suitable as gifts for relatives and friends, wholesale is more favorable.

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Product details

Unique design initial letter necklace series, it is made of stainless steel gold-plated inlaid shells, the gold-plated color is bright, the high-polish feel is smooth, the colorful shells such as pink, pearl white, sky blue are very fashionable and beautiful, 26 letters and different shapes can be customized Different plating colors can be used to make the design style that customers like. The initial letter necklace is suitable for women of different ages to wear daily. It is anti-oxidative and anti-allergic, comfortable to wear, adds fashion and beauty, and can be given as gifts to relatives and friends. Our factory is good at customizing any jewelry design for customers. , we have a lot of design products displayed on the Alibaba website, please pay attention to us, welcome to consult and cooperate.