What Is Selvedge Denim?

1 year ago

Selvedge (from “self-edge,” also spelled selvage) denim refers to the self-finished edges of denim outseams created by vintage shuttle looms.These now-classic looms were the primary method for producing denim up until the mid-twentieth century when the demand for denim rose. 

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Around this time, denim mills began using projectile looms to quickly produce non-selvedge denim.

The shuttle loom produces hardier denim with a tight, woven band at the edge of the denim that keeps it from unraveling or fraying. This finished edge gives the denim a neater and cleaner appearance than most modern-made non-selvedge denim. Using shuttle looms can also result in visual inconsistencies, so each piece of selvedge denim has its own unique look. Today, some denim brands even use specific colors to “personalize” their selvedge denim jeans.