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Painted cartoon kindergarten turnstile gate is an intelligent gate specially developed for kindergarten institutions. Turnstile gate combines the physical and psychological characteristics of children. The turnstile barrier gate appearance, size, color, cartoon shape are carefully conceived, and the beautiful cartoon image is very popular. Children's favorite; the turnstile gate combined with the access control system can realize the opening of the gate by swiping the card and swiping the QR code, effectively intercepting the entry of strangers and ensuring the safety of the children. The domestic leading kindergarten safe shuttle and information management, and kindergarten safe shuttle management system. The system is rich in content and can be used for various purposes such as shuttle attendance, child and parent information management, and so on. ID/IC card + fingerprint smart terminal and supporting system, and has formed a relatively complete marketing network. With the growing prosperity of the motherland's economy, the concept of a harmonious society is increasingly recognized and promoted by everyone. Children's and children'

Zento Wholesale Kid Turnstile Kindergarten Turnstile Primory School Entrance Gate with good price - Zento,3.Remote technical support, 24 hours after-sale technical service

s education and their own safety have become more and more important topics of discussion. This software system has made necessary security requirements for children’s learning and living places, effectively avoiding injuries. .

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Product details
Why Choose Turnstile Gate in Kindergartens

1. Outdoor kindergarten pedestrians Swing gates to prevent outsiders and ensure campus safety.

Kindergartens can use different styles of pedestrian Turnstile Gates, such as kindergarten swing gates, Kindergarten Swing Gates, and swipe cards in and out, or face recognition in and out. In this way, only internal personnel can enter and control the entry of external strangers to ensure the safety of children in the park. .

2. The kindergarten uses gates to facilitate the management of the principal.

The kindergarten uses pedestrian gates, through professional software, which is convenient for the principal to manage, and can clearly know the entrance and exit times of the teachers and children in the park, the attendance of the teachers, and the leave, etc., which is convenient to manage.

3. Kindergartens use Turnstiles to ensure the safety of children

When parents pick up their children in the morning and evening, by swiping the card or face recognition, after confirming the pass, the kindergarten pedestrian gates are opened, and people pass. Each time the child pick-up information can be transmitted to the parents' mobile phones through the kindergarten pedestrian gates system in time, you can know in time In the case of the child, prevent the child from being falsely taken.

The Advantages of Smart Kindergarten Gate Access Control Software

1. Adopt advanced non-contact ID smart card technology, IC card + fingerprint as the pick-up person identification, only after the authorization card + the fingerprint entered by the pick-up person is verified, and the security and the computer check the photo and other information to enter the park. It is convenient for children's transportation management and greatly improves the safety of children's transportation.

2. Reduce the workload of the teacher on duty and improve the accuracy of picking up and dropping children. The intelligent kindergarten gate access control software can record in detail the name, photo, pick-up time, child’s photo, class, name, class teacher’s name, photo, child’s arrival and departure time and other detailed information, which is convenient for school inquiries, settlements, and statistics of children’s personal data .

3. It can reassure parents, help improve the grade of the school's hardware facilities and the school's popularity, and help kindergartens to rank and enroll students;

4. The access control software of Ma Shangtong Smart Kindergarten Gates is advanced, convenient and fast.

Kindergarten gate function

*Electronic anti-pinch function: when the swing arm swings, it senses someone and stops immediately

* Electronic control: DC motor drive, stable and reliable, power-on self-check, low failure rate

* Entry and exit alarm function: when pedestrians enter the passage without swiping their cards, the device will alarm, prompting pedestrians to swipe their cards

* High-brightness traffic indication function: the direction indicator adopts high-brightness LED light design, the indication is more eye-catching

* Anti-tailing function: when the first person swipes the card, the second person does not swipe the card at any time

* Multiple control functions: through setting, the gates can be set to normally open mode during special periods to meet the needs of a large number of people. At the same time, an  external remote control can also be used to control smart kindergarten pickups. Special gates for kindergartens. Face recognition access control WeChat push system

Specification of Kindergarten Turnstile Gate


304 stainless steel



Dry Contact


Card-reading window


Rated power


Operating temperature

-25℃ ~ +60℃, RH ≤90%

Related humidity


Communication Interface

RS485,distance ≤1200m

Power supply

AC 220V/110V ±10% 50/60MHZ (optional)

Opening Transit speed

30—45persons per minute

Why Choose Zento
    1. We select raw material suppliers carrying the certificates that 100% guarantee the materials do no harm to the environment.
    2. We provide a one-stop service integrating design, measurement, production, delivery, installation, and after-sales service.
    3. We have always followed the standardization rules for a rigorous production process, saving time and cost for both parties and bringing maximum benefits to you.
    4. We provide CAD and 3D design sketches. We perform three phases of QC to ensure product quality.
    5. It is extensively used in shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, sports centers, shopping malls, etc.
    6. The warranty period is 2 years, and the parts of the product are free to be replaced during the warranty period (in the case of non-human damage).
    7. Our factory has passed the ISO 9001 international quality certification, and our product have passed the CE certification.
    8. Remote technical support, 24 hours after-sale technical service
    9. We provide customized services, draw design drawings according to customer needs, and produce products that meet customer requirements.
    10. We support OEM/ODM customized logo, company name, product color, software language and other customized services
  • How to ship?
    By air or by sea, quantity over 10 sets better to choose by sea to reduce cost.
  • How about the payment method?
    Standard products: 30% deposit, 70% balance payment before shipment.Customized products: 50% deposit, 50% balance payment before shipment.Contract amount more than USD15000: 50% deposit, 50% balance payment before shipment.T/T, PayPal, Alibaba Credit guarantee order
  • What time do you need to delivery?
    Commonly to say, 5-7 working days after payment could delivery for common orders, but it depends the order quantity. We could talk about this question before final payment.
  • Do you have agency for after-sales service?
    Any question about delivery goods, you could find our sales anytime. For installation, we will offer instruction video to help and if you face any technical question, welcome to contact with us to have a face time to solve it.
  • How about some special design?
    That's our advantage of design new gate or barrier according to your real situation to make different size, software and features. Video call available during design and communicate in time during this procedure.
  • How about Quality Control?
    IOS9002 could help us to realize the factory management control and our ERP system can help us to control the cost of procurement links effectively, so we can provide a good price. New test system could do uninterrupted fatigue testing to ensure its using life. Pre-shipment inspection and third-party supervision are available.
  • What is your pricing strategy?
    For overseas markets, we will use competitive prices to support a strong distributor in each area, and gradually establish overseas service agency, as a good opportunity, some long-term cooperation partners will compete with us to sign the annual cooperation agreement (including execution price).
  • What is the strength of your company in this industry?
    We are the top 5 in turnstile field in China, more than 120 employees and over 20 senior R & D technical persons to ensure the gate could work well in different environment, power supply and current. Experienced foreign trade business team can help you to deal with any emergency before, during and after the sales. The brand ZENTO is highly recognized in Southeast Asia.
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