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Tripod turnstile 3 arm gates are suitable for all kinds of public places that require pedestrians to pass in an orderly manner, such as scenic spots, exhibition halls, cinemas, wharfs, railway stations, bus stations and other places that require ticket inspection; factory attendance, canteen consumption, golf courses, monthly passes Recreation centers and other places that need to be authorized to enter; anti-static control areas in electronics factories, units that need to recognize faces, recognize fingerprints, and other security measures.

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Tripod Turnstile 3 Arm Gates Classification

Tripod Turnstile 3 Arm Gates classification: from the movement control mode, it is divided into mechanical, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

Mechanical type: as the name implies, there is no electric part, purely mechanical operation principle, good safety, long service life, easy maintenance and after-sales; Disadvantages: no peripheral equipment can be connected, and the scope of use is small;

Semi-automatic: There is an electric control part, which can be connected to other peripheral equipment, simple structure, easy to maintain, long service life, and fewer after-sales problems; the disadvantage is: when power is turned on, it needs to be manually lifted; after swiping the card, it needs human power to push the gate to pass;

Fully automatic type: The difference from semi-automatic type is: after power on, you can detect and move the lever by yourself. After swiping the card, the brake lever can be opened automatically, and the passer-by can easily pass the machine; Disadvantages: complex mechanism, difficult after-sales service, short working life .

The Working Principle of Automatic Tripod Turnstile 3 Arm Gates

1. The base of the movement is supported by a 1.5mm square-through triangle bracket: this part is one of the main stress points of the movement, which requires high strength; many of the peers are fixed with iron sheets.

2. The movement is mainly composed of two 24V, 15W square electromagnets (opening and closing). Tripod Turnstile Gates are not energized at ordinary times. After receiving the opening signal, tripod turnstile gate will activate the 24V voltage for unlocking and maintain the 12V voltage when unlocking. Power supply and a 12V, 3W circular electromagnet (stand off the rod, power off the rod), a travel switch and hydraulic damper (to reduce shock, reduce noise, noise 70 decibels (more than 30 decibels and less than 50 decibels)), Composition of turntable and brake lever;

3. The working principle of the electromagnet: when the coil is energized with 24V weak current, it becomes an artificial electromagnet, and the lock arm of the adsorption gate is unlocked. When the coil is de-energized, the lock arm resets and jams the toothed cam.

4. Normally open state adjustment: manual adjustment and electric control adjustment, manual adjustment is to adjust the screw at the end of the electromagnet; electric control adjustment always energizes the electromagnet.

5. The movement structure is simple, symmetrical, intuitive, and easy to maintain and maintain;

6. The counter counts accurately with the travel switch. When the gate lever rotates to 30 degrees, pedestrians have almost completed a pass movement at this time, the travel switch is closed, and the gate is self-locked to prevent trailing;

7. Adjust the damper. When the red dot stays at the value 5, the force and speed of the brake lever reset are better. The larger the value on the damper, the greater the damper strength and the slower the rotation speed;

8. The movement has been running for 3 million times without failure;

9. Passing speed: 30-40 people/minute.

Tripod Turnstile 3 Arm Gates Features

1. The 304 stainless steel fully rainproof box body, compared with the pedestrian access equipment such as the wing gate swing gate with general function, the tripod turnstile 3 arm  gate is more high-quality and cheap.

2. Tripod turnstile gate has a personalized installation interface (such as card reader, indicator light installation, etc.) to ensure that the control gate equipment of the system integrator is simple and convenient during installation.

3. The movement of the tripod turnstile has an automatically adjusted hydraulic shock absorber. When the tripod turnstile is used, the sound is very small and there is no impact, and the brake lever automatically decelerates and returns to the center. The surface of the movement is electroplated with yellow dichromate.

4. Tripod turnstile 3 arm gates can be programmed with gate control, one or two direction control (set by the user).

5. The base is fixed with expansion bolts.

6. The movement of the mechanical gate means that the three-prong rod needs to be released manually after the gate is released; after the release, the other rod passes through the hydraulic shock absorber of the movement and stays in a horizontal position, and needs to be released again. Let go. The push rod only needs 0.5Kg of thrust.

7. The motor core is equipped with a motor in the gate. After the gate is released from the control, the three-pronged rod will move forward by an angle. When the pedestrian touches the three-pronged pole again, the motor will actively rotate the pole until the other rod returns. After reaching the horizontal position, the entire release action is completed.


Specification of Tripod Turnstile Gates

Operating voltage

24V DC

Power consumption

150 W

Consumption current


Throughput rate (in the free passage mode)

60 persons/min

Dimensions (length×width×height)

800×760×1055 mm

Passageway width

500 mm

Operating temperature range

from -40 °C to +55 °C

IP Code




Relative humidity

<95% no condensation

Communication Interface

RS485 with optional TCP / IP

Pass speed

30 / min

Company Advantage
    1.We select raw material suppliers carrying the certificates that 100% guarantee the materials do no harm to the environment.
    2.We provide a one-stop service integrating design, measurement, production, delivery, installation, and after-sales service.
    3.We have always followed the standardization rules for a rigorous production process, saving time and cost for both parties and bringing maximum benefits to you.
    4.We provide CAD and 3D design sketches. We perform three phases of QC to ensure product quality.
    5.It is extensively used in shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, sports centers, shopping malls, etc.
    6.The warranty period is 2 years, and the parts of the product are free to be replaced during the warranty period (in the case of non-human damage).
    7.Our factory has passed the ISO 9001 international quality certification, and our product have passed the CE certification.
    8.Remote technical support, 24 hours after-sale technical service
    9.We provide customized services, draw design drawings according to customer needs, and produce products that meet customer requirements.
    10.We support OEM/ODM customized logo, company name, product color, software language and other customized services
  • How to ship?
    By air or by sea, quantity over 10 sets better to choose by sea to reduce cost.
  • How about the payment method?
    Standard products: 30% deposit, 70% balance payment before shipment.Customized products: 50% deposit, 50% balance payment before shipment.Contract amount more than USD15000: 50% deposit, 50% balance payment before shipment.T/T, PayPal, Alibaba Credit guarantee order
  • What time do you need to delivery?
    Commonly to say, 5-7 working days after payment could delivery for common orders, but it depends the order quantity. We could talk about this question before final payment.
  • Do you have agency for after-sales service?
    Any question about delivery goods, you could find our sales anytime. For installation, we will offer instruction video to help and if you face any technical question, welcome to contact with us to have a face time to solve it.
  • How about some special design?
    That's our advantage of design new gate or barrier according to your real situation to make different size, software and features. Video call available during design and communicate in time during this procedure.
  • How about Quality Control?
    IOS9002 could help us to realize the factory management control and our ERP system can help us to control the cost of procurement links effectively, so we can provide a good price. New test system could do uninterrupted fatigue testing to ensure its using life. Pre-shipment inspection and third-party supervision are available.
  • What is your pricing strategy?
    For overseas markets, we will use competitive prices to support a strong distributor in each area, and gradually establish overseas service agency, as a good opportunity, some long-term cooperation partners will compete with us to sign the annual cooperation agreement (including execution price).
  • What is the strength of your company in this industry?
    We are the top 5 in turnstile field in China, more than 120 employees and over 20 senior R & D technical persons to ensure the gate could work well in different environment, power supply and current. Experienced foreign trade business team can help you to deal with any emergency before, during and after the sales. The brand ZENTO is highly recognized in Southeast Asia.
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