Coffee Beans Processing Machine Pin Mill Grinder Coffee Powder Making Machine

2 years ago

In this video is our grinding test on BSZ series pin mill,for making coffee powder.

This type of pin mill grinder is specially suitable for Agricultural products of oil and fat and chemical raw material,can get 60-700kg/hr capacity and 40-200 mesh fineness powder.

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The bidirectional double grinding wheel adopts the reverse rotation of the front and rear grinding wheels to improve the crushing effect. The needle cylinder with different diameters is installed on the double disc. The needle rods are arranged through three-dimensional simulation technology, and the layout is reasonably designed, so as to control the materials and effectively realize the effective shunting effect of needle rod gap. The needle and rod can adopt hexagonal, square wolf tooth and other shapes according to different crushed materials. Wolf tooth shape is called corn cob roller mill. This machine has a special effect on engineering plastics with high melting point at room temperature and flour. The needle bar mill adopts the screw quantitative feeding mode to control the uniform movement of materials in the grinding disc. There are two discharge modes: natural output and negative pressure discharge. The machine has no screen in the grinding wheel cavity. The fineness of Crocus can be adjusted by the linear speed of the grinding wheel, and the materials can also be graded by external grading.


  1. 1. Simple linear structure, easy to install and maintain.

  2. 2. BSZ pin mill grinder has two grinding disc, grinding disc mutual rotation, to achieve high-speed rotation.

  3. 3. The particle size of the powder can be changed by changing the rotating speed without the need of grinding chamber sieving.

  4. 4. Can you make very fine powder. It is suitable for grinding high sugar and high oil materials such as cocoa powder, coffee, spice and dried fruit.

Capacity (kg/h)60-200150-500230-700
Feed size (mm)< 15< 15< 15
Output size (mesh)40~20040~20040~200
cavity disc crush motor(KW)1118.522
door disc crush motor (KW)152230
feed screw motor (KW)0.370.550.75