Cryogenic Crusher Coriander Seeds Powder Making Machine Spice Grinding Mill

2 years ago

This is a coriander seeds gridning test on BS series cryogenic crusher,you can see how this machine grind coriander seeds into fine powder in this video.

Cryogenic grinder uses liquid nitrogen as cooling medium,can grind heat-sensitive material into fine powder,like fruit,vegetable,herb,medicine,plastic and rubber...etc.

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Product details

Working Method

The low-temperature crusher uses a precooling bin to precooling the materials. The precooling silo is equipped with a precision liquefied gas gasification device to cool the materials in the process of liquefied gas gasification. 

1.Screw feeder is used to realize uniform cooling of brittle materials into the crusher cavity.

2. Discharge traction system: the crushed materials of the main engine are discharged by air traction through the pipeline.

3. The inclined angle unloading system and inclined spiral unloading system are adopted to ensure that the air of the cyclone does not flow out of the unloading port.

4. The gas mixture flows back from the top of the cyclone separator into the second cyclone separator, which will play a certain role in the final separation, and the cold air flows to the feed inlet of the main crusher through the pipe.

5. Electrical control: full frequency conversion power supply is adopted to control the motor speed in the area and realize large-scale feed speed adjustment; Main line speed adjustment (different first speeds are required for crushing different materials to reach different particle states); Adjust the air traction power; Discharge speed adjustment and other effects.

6. Automatic control system: users can use PLC control system to balance according to their needs. In order to realize the external control of the pressure relief and pressurization functions of the host, the liquid nitrogen flow can be adjusted according to the set temperature. It can be adjusted according to the speed of input current in each area, and the frequency of each area can be adjusted at the same time.


1. Optimal retention of aroma and strength, in contrast to normal grinding, where approx.15-43% essential oils are lost, while the loss with cryogenic grinding is  minimal(approx.3-10%).

2. High grinding fineness,low energy consumption, output is 2-3 times than that of normal pulverizeing.

3. According to the temperature of material embrittlement point, adjust the best crushing temperature.

4. Material explosion-proof, anti-oxidation,etc.

5. Trouble-free stable. processing. 

The machine passes through a high performance liquid gas gasification unit. In the process of gasification, the refrigerant and the material produce heat exchange. And the remaining cool air is collected by means of reflux,. Each part of the use of pipeline valves to adjust the return air conditioning on the crushing chamber air compensation, material precooling, closed delivery, closed grading, discharge material backflow, refrigerant usage, power source mechanism, crushing the transport process has reached the best results insulation. In energy consumption reached the international leading level!

  1. Technical Data
    Grind motor(kw)7.545
    Input material size(mm)5-15
    MediumLiquid nitrogen
    Temperature(℃ )-196~0
    Fineness(mesh)10~700(depends on materials)
    Capacity(kg/h)30~150(depends on material)100~1000(depends on materials)
    Grinding chamber φ (mm)180500
    Feed and dischargeBy screw feeder