ATM needs help and GT-31 gives a hand

2 years ago

The cash dispenser of ATM machine is known as the "nutritionist" of ATM machine. It is a rare outdoor operation post in the bank. It mainly carries out daily cash loading and unloading and simple fault handling of off-line ATM machine. As the off-line ATM machines are located in many suburbs and widely dispersed, half of the working time is on the road. At the same time, each cash dispenser strictly controls the amount of water and food, reduces the number of artificial parking, and ensures currency safety. After the banknote dispenser's fingerprint is unlocked and the machine is opened, the cash box must be replaced within 10 minutes, otherwise the system will automatically warn and the banknote dispenser will record the "accident" once.

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Product details

What kinds of banknotes are suitable for ATM? Most of banks require 85% brand new banknotes can get into ATM. But how the workers identify the 85% level? For this requirement, we developed the ATM sorting function for banks.

Currency sorter GT-31 equips full line thickness sensors, and it can detect the tapes, holes, graffiti, fold ears on the banknotes, to avoid the jam in the ATM.

Under the ATM sort mode, user will setup the level, set the pockets for receiving banknotes of ATM, FIT and Unfit level, and fitness sorting machine GT-31 can sort the mixed banknote, and it will give a great help for ATM.


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