Currency Sorting Machine Mix Count for Pakistan rupees

2 years ago

Pakistan has a population of 221 million. Its capital is Islamabad and its currency is the Pakistani rupee. It is one of the most frequently used currencies in the world.


The bank needs to clear money every day. Without a suitable machine, the work efficiency will be reduced. Grace brand fitness sorting machine GT-31 is very suitable for the sorting center of the bank to improve work efficiency and office automation.


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Product details

Banknote Sorter GT-31 has 3x stacker pocket and 1x reject pocket, with 800 notes/min high sorting speed, equipped dual CIS/UV/MG for counterfeit detection, and dual physical thickness sensors, which is urgent needed for ATM.


Mix Count mode is one of feature function of GT-31. The mixed denomination Pakistan rupees will be counted together, and it will show the total piece and total value of all banknotes, and sub-total of each denomination. For example, in the video, it showed


In the video, it shows total piece 94 and total value 12000PKR.


GRACE brand banking equipment is mainly used for retail market, bank and CIT companies. The major products are money counter, 2-pocket money sorter, 3-pocket currency sorting machine, money detector and cash deposit machine.