Liquid Silicone

2 years ago
Production line equipment configuration:
1) Vacuum kneader;
2) High viscosity pump,
3) Basic storage tank,
4) Heating system (according to actual needs),
5) Vacuum system
6) Three-roll mill
7) Multifunctional dispersing mixer or planetary mixer
8) Hydraulic discharge machine,
9) Cooling system,
production process:
1). Prepare the raw materials according to the formula, add them to the kneader,
Add powdered raw materials several times, heat and heat, start the vacuum system, and drain the moisture in the materials.
2) The produced substrate enters the substrate through a high-viscosity pump
The storage tank is slowly added to the three-roll mill to meet the fineness requirements.
3) Grind the base material and put it into the mixing tank, and then add other
Ingredients and pastes.
4) The mixing tank will be pushed into the multifunctional dispersing mixer or
The planetary mixer starts to stir and disperse at high speed. Start the vacuum system to extract moisture and air from the material. Start cooling system control.
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