The 7 Most Successful Way to Make Your Coffee Packaging Stand Out Among Competitors

2 years ago

Table Of Contents

1. How to make yourself stand out?

2. Why choose Care Pack ?

3. Conclusion

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    If you run a coffee roast company, packaging can make it tricky for your business to stand out in the masses. Even if you roast the most delicious coffee beans, your company may still get lost in the shuffle. Making special coffee packaging is one right way to succeed, and it is for your company’s growth. It helps to distinguish itself from all other companies out there. Your goal is to create packaging that makes a strong impression on people.

    You have already made a fantastic label coffee. You have taken the time to ensure superior quality and branding. So, what’s next? The next step is to get your product to the customer’s hand. The key is to capture the interests of your buyer. In the competitive coffee business, your customers now have more choices. Make your product stand out. Be exceptional and innovative in terms of your packaging. That’s where unique packaging enters. 

    Here are the seven tips that will help make your coffee packaging stand out from the others.

How to make yourself stand out?

1.Take A Look At Your Competitors

    The first rule that stands out from the crowd is to find out who your competitors are. Look at what your opponents do in packaging design. In simple words, this is an analysis of your competitors.

    The purpose is to measure the performance of different coffee brands in the same market. In this way, you can find out the factors that contribute to the success of competitors. The analysis of competitors is the building block of the company’s future success. Your understanding of what other businesses do can help you develop a strategy for your brand. It enables you to know what’s on the market and what comes out.

2.Think Beyond Bag

    Successful coffee brands aim for packaging that looks natural that can be recycled. They also give importance that the packaging is environmentally friendly. Kraft paper coffee bags are a prevalent choice. It generates a positive response to consumers. Kraft Paper coffee bags function as an empty canvas. It is perfect for brands to be creative with their graphics and designs. Innovative companies take it one step more advanced. It is by rethinking traditional coffee bags’ structural elements. How? By creating an interactive experience with their product packaging. This can help to boost its coffee product.

3.Learn More About Coffee Bag Types

    Most coffee beans are packed in pouches today. But not all bags are made with the same type of materials when it comes to coffee packaging. There are so many packaging styles available for you and your coffee roasting company. Some of the most popular bags are:


·Side-fold bag

    Most coffee owners use the side-fold bag for their coffee or other packaging. It makes the coffee bag cheaper. It is very suitable for any industry or as a wholesale coffee packaging. Of course, side-folding bags are also available in smaller models.

·Flat -bottom bags

    The flat- bottom looks like a box. It is one of the most balanced packaging options, and they are marketed out there. It allows more space for your designs. Be innovative in making it look unique in grocery stores compared to other types of bags.

·Stand Up pouches

    Stand Up pouches are made of two panels and a bottom gusset, which gives them a triangle form. They also often display zippers. With the zippers’ help, you that can reseal the coffee, which makes coffee longer, even after the bag is opened.

·Pillow bags

    This kind of bag is very cheap. It makes coffee more interesting in the eye of the customer. Simple, affordable, and easy to consume fractional. In other words, it’s suitable for small quantities.

4.Key Design Elements

    When you design your coffee packaging, think of what you are packing. Look at the design of your competitors. Are there gaps between design elements? Does their packaging design lack a bold and bright color? Well, if yes, you have the chance here. Be innovative and creative.


·Incorporate colors

    The psychology behind the color has proven many times. Different colors impact our emotions differently and surprisingly. Take this as an example. The color yellow conveys energy and optimism. Red is for passion, and Blue represents trust. When designing your label coffee packaging, choose your color carefully. Every hue has its vibration and gives a message to your customers. Your packaging color can make coffee drinkers identify what they will drink. Will they a thick drink or a refreshing mixture? Colors can give then hint for that. 

·Use “move” imagery to elicit the flavor

    Consumers see products as pure and fascinating when packaging shows images that are “moving.” For example, packaging pictures of coffee that poured into a glass. It conveys to the customer that the products are more appealing and “moving”. It will have an impact on your customer. The coffee brands that use photography on their bags and pouches must consider this. It offers your customers exactly what coffee while pouring. It is a great way to create a sensory experience among buyers.

5.To Be Different 

·Keep things simple

    You can have too many choices in the world of packaging. When your design has bright colors and overwhelming graphics, it overwhelmed your customers. The heavy design can confound your customers. The simple but stimulating design has a great impact on the eyes of buyers. It tells the buyer you care about your coffee products’ quality, not just making a spark.

·Avoid generic

    Simple and generic is not the same thing. In today’s businesses, coffee making is a competitive field. Try to stand out to the crowd to maximize your earnings. Get rid of the generic packaging. It conveys that your coffee products are common. When you dare to make a difference in your design, your coffee products will stand out from the others.

·Consider seasonal packaging

    Seasonal coffee trends are engaging. When you have a packaging design for all years, everything is fine. Why not mix it for a different season and holiday, especially if you offer a diverse seasonal mixture. Switching around your design is a great way to draw attention to your coffee products.

6.Use High-quality Materials

    You will be very tempted to use low-quality products to produce your pouches and bags. It will look like a simple way to save a few dollars while still providing people with good coffee.

Don’t do this!

    Instead, go with high-quality materials. It is to protect your coffee and prevent adverse effects like UV sun rays because it is detrimental. At the same time, it is noteworthy to remember sustainability when making coffee packaging.

    Many coffee drinkers begin to pay attention to what materials their drinks are made of. It can affect your business when you use packaging that does not contain recyclable material.

7.Change Your Packaging Regularly

    Not all packaging changes can run entirely. Some businesses worry that changing their packaging will influence customer reliability. Also, they are concerned to see sales reduction when changing packaging. But, if you hold on to the same packaging too long, your competitors will redesign. What will happen to you? It will end up old-fashioned, outdated, and stale. In the end, it is better to take the initial redesign to look better than your competitors. It can win back customers who have the potential to be lost.

    You may be surprised that the change in packaging. It generally will not affect the habit of buying customers who are loyal to your brand.

Why choose Care Pack?

   Packaging design delivers a clear message. It is the first and best chance to get new customers. When they browse on the shelves viewing suitable bags, your coffee packaging design needs to stand out. So, it’s irresistible for potential customers.

    Care Pack is here to be your partner when you set your packaging other than the rest. We have led in the coffee industry since 2000. Care Pack has become a trusted manufacturer and distributor of high-quality flexible packaging. We also specialize in innovative bags and film rolls. We serve customers from small dealers up to 500 global companies in various industries. Whether you are the beginning or a well-established international brand, we are the source of your packaging.


    If you have the best coffee but can’t recognize how customers will take it from the shelf, don’t worry. What you might need is a good packaging design. The coffee market continues to grow with new brands that claim to offer the best coffee. It makes competition quite stiff. This is where the packaging design enters. Every coffee company must have a great design. If the customer finds stimulating packaging with usability, it will take it from the shelf.

    Creative packaging is an advantage. It has a great impact to the image of the coffee. It can make your coffee look stale or fresh. There are many examples of great designs that win over customer trust. A box, bottle, pouch, or package will not cut it up unless it has a utility feature that customers sought in product packaging.