The Benefits of Dog Ball Launchers Why Are They So Popular

2 years ago

Ball launchers are popular among pooches for good reason.

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Ball launchers are popular among pooches for good reason. Here are just a few reasons why you should pick up one of these fetch toys for Fido:

·         They make it easy to enrich your canine’s life and keep his brain buzzing. Whether you’re using an automatic or hand-held launcher, you’ll find that either of these toys will provide plenty of mental stimulation for your four-footer. 

·         Automatic launchers are great for keeping your buddy busy. While you’ll still need to supervise your furry friend while using an automatic launcher, these systems essentially interactive dog toys that operate by themselves, without you having to do much but turn them on (after helping your pooch understand how they work). This way, you can get some of your furry friend’s energy out without having to over-exert yourself. 

·         Both launchers provide exercise. A well-exercised dog is a happy one. And while there are a number of great exercise devices for dogs, ball launchers are easily one of the best. And this is especially true for highly active four-footers who need plenty of daily exercise to keep their tails wagging. 

·         Launchers can help you keep your hands clean. Many launchers allow you to load the ball in hands-free fashion, thereby saving you from picking up a ball covered in slobber or dirt. 

·         Great for challenging your pooch. Hand-held launchers can help you throw a ball farther than you could on your own. They’ll also save you some elbow grease, so you’ll be able to enjoy fetch for longer with your furry friend. 

·         Automatic launchers are fun to watch. What’s more entertaining than watching your pooch chase after a ball he “threw” himself? Automatic launchers are also a great option for pooch parents with arthritis or other health challenges that prevent them from tossing a ball around.