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2 years ago

Dongning--tij 2.5 Thermal batch code inkjet printer manufacturer in China

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In this viedo , i will show you how to use the tij printer printed information on the suitable goods. Please view this viedo and enjoy it!

Thermal Date coder for inkjet coding on Plastic bottles or bags, pouches and other products Containers.

TIJ 2.5 Expiry date printer solutions for you to print on any substrate, that are fully handheld inkjet printers.

Versatility to print on anything and print static or variable date, expiry dates, ext, barcode as well as company logos.

Hangzhou dongning technology Co.,ltd is a professional manufactuer that mainly design and produce differnt kinds of hand held inkjet printer and online inkjet printer which widly used in the food&beverage production line, cosmetic productionline. Mainly for the expiry date, batch number, production time, qr code, bar code,logo etc printing.

If you wants to view more, just feel free view our website: www.hzdnkj.cn

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Website: www.hzdnkj.cn

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Hangzhou Dongning Technology Co.,ltd
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Product details

Name: Online Batch Code PrinterMachine Material: Aluminum
Size: 245x130x45mmInformation is stored: Unlimited Storage
Nozzle: TIJ Hot Foaming NozzleSpray printing precision:300-600 DPI
Screen Size: 7 Inch Capacitive ScreenSpray print barcode: Barcode, QR Code
Count Number:1-8 DigitsNature of the ink: Dry, Oily
Using the environment: Temperature 0 to 40, 10-80% HumidityThe Cartride capacity: 42ml
Fast Dry Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Invisible ColorWater Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Invisible Color
Spray print distance: 2-5mmPrint Library: Synchronous machine library
Spray printing speed: 60m/mPrinting height: 2-12.7mm, 2-25.4mm
Printing material : plate, carton, pipe, cable, metal, plastic, etcAdapter Parameters: 100-240v ac  input
The extrnal interface: Power and optoelectronic interface, DVI Cable interface, USBSpray print Content: Chinese ,English, Number, Symbol, QR Code, Photo, Date