Super Strong Magnetic Powerful N35 N52 Rare Earth Ndfeb Magnet Round Ring Disc Neodymium Magnet

2 years ago
Super Strong Magnetic Powerful N35 N52 Rare Earth Ndfeb Magnet Round Ring Disc Neodymium Magnet

1. 60 pieces pack: Round DIY magnets, customize sizes. 60 pieces per pack, which can meet your daily needs and make your life more convenient.Countless ways to rearrange and simplify your life Organize your tools, cosmetics, jewelry, kitchen, office, school, classroom. There are many ways to use magnets. .
2. Rust-proof and durable-Our refrigerator magnets are highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. The disc magnets are made of brushed NiCuNi three level coatings, which greatly extend the service life of the magnets and can perfectly meet your needs
3. Permanence-Magnetic force can basically be used permanently
4. Easy to use and store- No tools required. Quick and easy assembly. They can be placed on any magnetic surface. No need to dill. Nonporous. It will not stain. Comes with a high-quality plastic box that can store magnets
5. Multifunctional-very suitable for DIY art, crafts and storage ideas. It can be widely used in garages, homes, office walls, atomization or scientific experiments, handicrafts, workshops, warehouses and garage organization, decoration, industry, education and manufacturing needs, jewelry making, other hobbies and home modification projects
6. User Tip-When separating and putting them together, please be careful, the DIYMAG magnets will be fragile when the magnets collide with each other
7.100% Satisfaction-Comply with ISO 9001 quality system. We are a professional magnet manufacturer, you can find any magnet you want in our shop
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