Wildly Application Shenzhen 1 Tesla Permanent N48eh N52 Neodymium Magnets

2 years ago
Wildly Application Shenzhen 1 Tesla Permanent N48eh N52 Neodymium Magnets

As we all know, rare earth magnets are now widely used in our lives. Ndfeb magnets have brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Today’s video is going to show you some tips for daily application of neodymium magnets.

Although rare earth magnets are convenient to use, it is best not to use magnets that are too thin
Why can’t the strong magnet be made too thin?
We all know that the powerful magnet is a kind of solid sintered from rare earth NdFeB. It’s very magnetic and has been used in many fields.It is also a common magnet with large demand in the market. It has different shapes and sizes, thick and thin, long and short. It is simple and complicated. In our magnet manufacturer’s production experience for many years, the thickness and length of magnet have a certain range, not as many as you want, it must conform to the product characteristics of the magnet itself.
Our company’s business personnel often encounter customers asking whether the powerful magnet can be made as large or as thin as possible. In fact, these are all OK. However, if it is too large, its magnetic force is very strong, and it is very inconvenient to use. As soon as it encounters iron products, this strong magnet will be strongly sucked in. It is easy to break the magnet and hurt people in serious cases. Therefore, we will not recommend customers to use too large one. Secondly, when the magnet is too thin, it is also very inconvenient to use, because it is rare earth, and it is very easy to disconnect In addition, the magnetic force is very strong, so it is easy to waste the product cost.
Some customers need magnet thickness of 0.2mm and 0.1mm for product design. What should we do? For such a thin thickness, Lanfier Magnet also can't help you to do, because
the blade of magnet processing machine has a certain thickness. If it is too thin, we can’t produce it. If it is about 0.3mm 0.5mm, it will be better to produce.
In summary, this is why the magnet cannot be made too thin. If you have any requirement on the magnet, pls feel free to contact Lanfier Magnet,we will offer the professional suggestion to you.
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