N38 Super Strong Adhesive 3m Tape Buy Disc Ndfeb Neodymium Magnets

2 years ago
N38 Super Strong Adhesive 3m Tape Buy Disc Ndfeb Neodymium Magnets

1.Lanfier adhesive 3m tape magnet is self-adhesive on both sides.
2.Durable: Our double-sided pad is made of high-quality EVA foam (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer), which has good adhesion and durability. Easy to use: just tear off the protective film on both sides to use these sticky foam pads。
3.We use thicker, industrial grade and durable neodymium materials.
4.Premium coating-you will love this smooth and shiny surface. Our magnets are protected by a corrosion-resistant nickel (nickel-copper-nickel) coating to create a high-quality silver appearance without rust or scratches。
5.Unlimited uses-no matter what your application, our powerful magnets can handle the job. These thin disk magnets are ideal as refrigerator tiles, arts and crafts, DIY projects, hanging spice jars, pictures, whiteboards, tools in garages, or school science classrooms. Very suitable for bonding similar or different materials together, such as paper, wood, metal, glass, plastic materials and so on.Usually it’s used in housings, panels, LCD screens, LEDs, etc.
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