Single-Suction Powder Coating Machine for Glitter Powder

2 years ago
The automatic dusting machine series is a post press supporting machine to replace the traditional manual golden onion powder hot-melt powder process. This machine is suitable for the dusting process of clothing trademarks, greeting cards, Fu characters, couplets, Christmas cards, films, etc. it has the characteristics of convenient use, no dust pollution, automatic recycling and recycling of raw materials. It can greatly improve the efficiency when used together with the silk screen printing machine, Improve the utilization rate of hot-melt powder of golden onion powder, and can make a variety of golden onion powder hot-melt powder patterns. If the process needs, the back can be easily connected with drying, UV light curing machine and other equipment. The machine adopts the design of upper and lower suction ports to eliminate the scratch on the film surface. It is the best post printing matching of Film Golden onion powder technology
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