SPOVAN Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap with ECG Monitor HR03

2 years ago

SPOVAN Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap with ECG Monitor HR03.
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Product details

More and more people are involved in running and fitness. People will pay attention to their heart rate changes and heart load during exercise. Heart rate monitor chest strap is a good solution for this.


There are many HRM chest belts in market, but no one is so unique as our SPOVAN HR03. As we introduced, we are focused on ECG function on our smart devices, so we also put the ECG monitor function in our HRM chest strap.


Common function:

You can connect this HRM chest strap with multi sport Apps with such as: Polar beat, Huawei Sports, Endomondo, Wahoo etc. Via Bluetooth 4.0. After connected, you can track your heart rate changes, running speed, consuming calories in mobile phone APP. Setting a limit HR value, when over the limit value will alarm.


Unique function:

We developed dedicated APP S Mate for our HRM chest strap HR03. After connecting S MATE with the chest belt, you can monitor your ECG continuously. ECG test records can be saved and shared. The test value is pretty accurate.


Unlike other HRM strap, SPOVAN HR03 using rechargeable lithium battery, charging method is magnetic charging. You no need always open the bottom to change battery, resolved the battery problem perfectly.


We use soft and flexible chest strap, the belt is healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic in contact with the skin. The length of the belt can adjust up to 150cm max.