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Spovan High Quality ECG smart bracelet Spovan H03 Wholesale - Shenzhen Tianpengyu Technology Co., Ltd.,More than 70% of our products are exported to global market

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Product details

Spovan ECG smart bracelet H03, our most advanced fitness & health tracker has on-wrist ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, HRV and sleep monitoring functions. Thanks to the Nordic 52832 platform, Si1182 ECG sensor and electrode on watch case, our smart band can really detect blood oxygen, HRV, ECG and monitor heart rate through both photoplethysmography and Electrocardiography method. 

Unlike other smart bracelets only provide the result for heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep duration, our device can provide more health indexes, the heart rate report contains: limit zone, anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance, fat burning zone, warm-up area, quiet heart rate and heart rate alert; the blood oxygen report include apnoea, blood oxygen concentration, respiratory rate, hypoxia time, cardiac load, range of sleeping activity and hypoxia & arousal;

the sleep report contains: sleep duration, waking up, insomnia, REM sleep, light/deep sleep, wake-up time, failing sleep efficiency and sleep efficiency. And user can also get Lorentz scatter diagram, HRV and ECG data, based on these details and valuable physical health data, user can know health condition easily. In addition to above functions, our ECG smart band also has Call/message display& remind function, sport mode and remote camera control function and both the screen-on time and dials can be changed.

Except powerful chip set and sensor, our ECG watch equipped with a 1.14 inch HD screen and 150mAh rechargeable battery, benefit from low power Bluetooth technology, our bracelet can works 4-5 days after been fully charged through a USB port, which you can find it when remove the shorter strap. And our smart bracelet also came with ECG connectors and electrode patches , which means we have three methods to do ECG  test: on wrist, on chest and held in both hands. Please feel free to contact us to learn more details.