professional manufacturer of swing turnstile for super market-karsun access

2 years ago

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Product details



Material: SS304,thickness is no less than 1.2mm

Manufacturing Technique: CNC laser cutting

Barrier Material: Acrylic glass,  SS304 and so on

Gate Opening and Closing time: ≤ 0.4S

Passing Speed: Normally open-35persons/min; Normally closed-35persons/min

Communication Connection:  12V dry relay

Power: AC220C±10V,50HZ

Motor: DC Brushless Motor, 140W/24V

 Communication Distance: ≤1200M

10) Input Connection: +12V Level Signal or Pulse Wide>100ms DC12V pulse, Current>10Ma

11) Infrared Sensors: 9 or 10  Pairs

12) Relative Humidity: <95%, condensation

13) Operating Temperature: -15°C-60°C

14) Working environment: indoor and outdoor(added the rain-shed)

15) Color: SSB(US32D)-Stainless Steel Brushed / Powder Coating(Optional), or other Color you like

16) Protection Grade: IP54


1. Problem-self-checking function.

2. Many options of working ways: Bi-direction card reading; One direction card reading and another no reading; One direction card reading and another freely. And single direction photocell controlled passing and close. Working ways can be set in the control panel.

3. When power off, arm open automatically and power on again, arm will be held automatically.

4. When valid card read and passenger passed, arm can be delayed to close from 1-60s which can be set in the control panel.

5. Auto-reposition function: After card read, passenger not pass within regulated time period, full-height turnstile will cancel this passing right. And the regulated time period for passing can be set by managers.

6. If passenger pass without card read or valid card read, flap barrier will alarm until passenger get back from the Swing barrier and then take a valid card to be read for passing.

7. Swing barrier is with 485 interface for long-distance control concern.

8. Anti-rush function: If there is no open single, arm will be holding tightly.

9. Double anti-clipping function: Photocell anti-clipping and mechanical anti-clipping. When passenger is going through the Swing barrier, photocell will detect out this situation and will not close. After passenger passed, arm will close automatically. During its reposition, if arm meets any obstacle, arm will get back automatically or stop working for a while with very slight force. Also it will alarm.

10. Swing barrier is with standard electrical interface for the integration of various readers and writers.

11. Swing barrier can count how many passenger has passed and will show it in the LED display.

12. Direction display to guide passenger which direction is to go.

13. Card-reading with memory or without memory function.

14. Swing barrier can control the population inside in the control of software


Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name : Karsun

Model Number: JS-YZBZ01

Power Supply: AC100-240V

Humidity: <95%, without concretion

Passage Width: >550mm

Passing Speed: >35 person /min

Power Consumption: 35w

Motor voltage: 24V or 12V

Material: 304 stainless steel

Dimension: 1500*185*1020mm

Warranty: 5 years and on-side service

Certificate: CE CCC RoHS FCC and so on