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Single passage 120° waist height rotor turnstile JS-BGZ001, the whole profile is stamped from the standard SS304, beautiful and generous shape, rust proof, durable, resisting external damage.

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Product details

Product Description

Waist Height Rotor Turnstile

Single passage 120° waist height rotor turnstile JS-BGZ001, the whole profile is stamped from the standard SS304, beautiful and generous shape, rust proof, durable, resisting external damage.The passageway composed of rectangular frame and barrier arm can provide orderly and civilized access for the pedestrians, prevent illegal access. The product adopt the most advanced drive control technology, which can be meet the various requirements of different modern buildings styles for intelligent access control systems by changing the design range widely. The turnstile designed for the pedestrians automatic access, with the highly perfect system, has the extensive usability, convenient for IC card, ID card, bar code dimension code, fingerprint, ID card and other card reader identification equipment, to achieve the access intelligent control and management.



Case Material


Barrier Arm material


Production Process

CNC Laser Cutting

Overall Dimension


Power input


Operation voltage

DC24V, 3A, Power: 40W


Duty Cycle 100%

Barrier Barrier Arm Length


Arm Max Applied Force


Arm Working Driving Force


Passage direction

Single directional/Bi-directional(Optional)

Throughput Rate

30-35 persons/minute

Operating time


Automatic Reset Function

Automatically locked within set time(Adjustable)


5,000,000 Cycles

Operation Humidity

0~95%(No Freezing)

Operation Temperature


Operation Environment


Protection Level


Communication Interface


Input Interface

Relay switch signal or 12V electrical level signal or 12V pulse signal of pulse width > 100ms, drive current >10mA



Main Features


1. Adopting special ARM core micro CPU circuit and digital positioning technology, the stable start and control,the more accurate brake arm automatic control ability.

2. Smoothly Running, small noise, simple and reliable restructure.

3. The surface of the movement unit adopting anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment, durable.

4. Providing multiple RJ45 interface and RS485/232 interface, can connect a variety of card reader, magnetic stripe, EMID, MIFARE 1 CI, Ti, and support variety data format, WIEGRAND26, WIRGRAND34, WIRGRAND66, also can connect the bar code reader, fingerprint recognizer, palm vein recognizer, face recognizer, strong compatibility, convenient for system integration.

5. Control panel with counting function, LCD/LED display function (optional)

6. Intelligent voice and sound prompts make the device more user-friendly and easier to use.

7. With auto malfunction inspection and alarm function, convenient for user maintenance and use.

8. Sound and light alarm function: including illegal break-in, trailing alarm.

9. Anti - impact function, the flap automatic locked without receiving the open signal.

10. with automatic reset function, open the gate, the system will automatically cancel the user's access authority if the pedestrians no going through in the set time, automatic reset in 5 seconds after open.

11. The barrier arm automatically unlocking and rotating when power off, automatically locked when power on

12. Available connection with access control system, consumer systems, electronic ticket system biometric system static tester and other equipment.

13. Unique two-direction anti-reverse function

14. Single-direction or Bi-direction control pedestrians access.

15. Available for remote control and management directly by computer.