Karsun swing barrier gate turnstile for kindergarten /child

2 years ago

Intelligent Swing barrier is a kind of high-end intelligent channel management equipment for non-contact channel detection and
control, which adopts the latest mechatronics control and driving technology. Multiple groups of sensors control the entrance and
exit through the door wing, and authorized legal personnel can pass smoothly without any hindrance and without having to be
inspected individually, refuse unauthorized access, and provide high-quality access control.

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Product details

Application range: Airport terminal, metro, bus station and mass transportation. Governmental facilities & state institutions. Outdoor/Indoor public areas, fitness and sport halls. Industrial plants, bank, hospital lobby,construction sites; Universities and other education institutions, childcare centers, military and defence facilities. Business centers and plazas, tourism and historical facilities. Ticket authentication and process integration applications.


Model No.


Cabinet Material

304 Stainless Steel





Motor Type

Double motor

Arm Length


Passage Width


Opening Signal


Material Thickness


Card-reading Window


Infrared sensor


Protection function

Infrared anti-pinch,Break-in alarm function



Service Life

5million times

Operating Temperature

-25℃ ~ +60℃

Related Humidity


Communication Interface


Power Rate


Power Supply

AC 220V/110V ±10% 50/60MHZ (optional)

Opening Speed

30-45persons per minute 

We are the holder of :
* Independent intellectual property rights of core products with dozens of hardware and software development technology patents.
* 7 main series of products with dozens of models for optional (Tripod Turnstiles, Swing Turnstiles, Wing Turnstiles, Revolving doors, Sliding Turnstiles, One-arm Turnstile, Optical barrier-free Turnstiles )
* All Products are inspected by the quality inspection authoritative organization for national ministry public safety and
  police-use electronic product.
* The holder of "National new hi-tech enterprise", "China top 100 security and defense brand", "China AAA creditable enterprise".
* The holder of "The top 10 most influence brand", "China recommended brand for safe city construction", "China top 10 innovative security and defense products".
* Turnstile products have been further operating in administrative organs, campus & schools, residential communities, factories, office buildings, scenic spots, stations, wharves, metro and rail transportation. Almost.every walks of life where pedestrian access control can be applied. Till now, we have thousands and hundreds of successful cases.

Company Strength

* 12+year dedication makes professional.
* Value-orientation with high cost-effective.
* High-quality consciousness with exquisite Workmanship.
* Service consciousness, paying attention to word of mouth!