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Karsun Best Access control Automatic flap gate Turnstile glass Barrier optical turnstile Company - Karsun,Karsun Turnstiles are widely used in various scenes. The tripod turnstile is suitable for places requiring flow control such as subway stations, railway stations, airports, gyms, toll scenic spots and libraries. Our quick access high speed doors and swing gates are widely used in high-end places, such as CBD building lobbies, as well as hospitals, schools, and kindergartens. Full height gates are suitable for places with high privacy and high security requirements, such as prisons, private villas, banks, government facilities, important documents room, personal property storage room, etc. We can provide customization products to meet customers' special needs, and protect customers' personal properties .

LUXURY Office Access Control Wing Turnstile Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate Flap Turnstile.
The product has excellent air permeability. The ventilated design adopted in this product is calculated to guarantee a dry and cool feet environment.

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Product details
This product is currently enjoying an enormous appeal with the general public’s initiatives to prevent making use of paints that involve damaging solvents as well as harmful chemicals in its application.

Luxury Intelligent flap gate ---can be compatible with IC card , ID card ,barcode card , fingerprint reading card recognition device used for staff, provide civilized , orderly access methods; effectively manage the access of staff . Can be widely used in the station, wharf subway , factories, office building , hotel , clubs, intelligent community , enterprises and institution that need intelligent access management.



1. Select able operating modes- single direction, bi-direction, always free or alwase locked,LED Direction indicators at each side

2. IP55 Weatherproof Protection rating

3. Automatic reset of barrier gate after each passage

4. Adjustable time out delay.

5. Double anti-clipping function, photocell anti-clipping and mechanical anti-clipping

6. Integration support with any RFID/Biometric Reader through NO input

7. 304 stainless steel,Appearance design, generous, beautiful, humanized design. Appearance can be customized;

8. High-performance integrated control panel,strong anti-interference ability,Stability System ,Drive module does not heat,Low power consumption;

9. By small buttons on SRU,can set the device's operating status;

10. Anti Pinch, anti bumps function:When obstacles encountered in the process of arm resetting,motor stops or open again;

11. Scour protection function:When the open signal is not received,arm will be locked after 5 degrees rotation;

12. Automatic reset function:After turnstile opened,not pass within a specified period of time,the system will automatically cancel the access privileges of users;

13. Read the card with memory and without memory function:Users can be set using the key board according to their needs;


 This turnstile has a substantial, authoritative profile that works well in large lobby or entrance areas.



product size


Passage width



AISI 304 stainless steel

swing material

Toughened glass (20mm)


over 5,000,000

Power Supply

AC 220V

power consumption

static state <50W,dynamic state <150W



Unlock time


Throughput rate


Drive mode

DC motor

Infrared detection

10 couple




Dry contact, TCP/IP, RS485

working temperature


working humidity 




1.What kind of package do you use for shipping ?
For oversea, we will make strong wooden box packing before shipment avoid damage
2.Are your turnstile/barrier gates waterproof?
Yes, our turnstile/barrier gates meet IP45 standard.
3.Small quantity with customize design also can be ?
Yes, sure


1.Karsun Access, TOP 3 manufacturer of automatic barrier turnstile gates in China.
2.In 2021,We have expand our own factory 15000 square meters in Shenzhen city, nearly 500 square meters laboratory, 400 square meters showroom. We have more than 150 employees, including 10+ personnels in R & D department.
3.We are in the highest level of quality with the most competitive price. For example, we use China-Japan Baoxin stainless steel, Taiwan electric supplier, belt import from German, 3M clue import from America etc. We also have some successful cases: We installed 460 Turnstiles in Philippines’ 48 cinemas. The after-sales maintain fee is no more than $2000 per year.
4.Our products widely used by Railway station, subway station, airport, CBD office building , government, schools , hospital , gym , shopping mall , prison, and other space , which protect your personal and property security

About Karsun

Shenzhen Karsun Access Technology Co.,Ltd, be subordinate to Shen Zhen Jiashun Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd, was the leading manufacturer in the design and manufacturing of turnstile,barrier gates,LPR packing system, rising bollards in China. We have worked with a large number of respected businesses and organizations in many different industries. Our products are widely used in transit stations, government facilities, industrial parks, corporate lobbies , schools , shopping malls , parking lots and so on. Our factory locates in ShenZhen city, Guangdong province of China. It occupies about 20000 square meters, with more than 300 well trained workers and 20 employees in R&D dept. Strict quality control systems are implemented .We can develop about 20 new patent products every year. Our capacity is about 2000 sets per day, lead time can be as short as 3-5 days for standard models. We have gained a very good reputation both in China and overseas, especially in North America and South East Asia. Now we are looking for global partners, good products with competitive price can be offered to help you grow your business. Welcome to contact us for further cooperation.