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2 years ago

After the mobile phone is put on the protective case, it is a bit weak to rely on the built-in magnetic module of the mobile phone, so the built-in magnetic module of the protective case can make up for the magnetic force. Apple's official transparent protective case can clearly see the white circle. This is the MagSafe magnetic module.

At present, there are many kinds of third-party magnetic accessories on the market, and the strength of magnetism is also uneven, but it is certain that a magnetic phone holder cannot be used in a mobile phone case without MagSafe, which requires a high magnetic force.

Since it is produced by apples, it is natural to levy taxes on apples. Apple introduced the Made For MagSafe certification for magnetic modules, referred to as MFM. Even so, only the third-party brand OtterBox has been certified on Apple's official website. There are very few products on the market that have passed MFM certification.

However, unlike the MagSafe magnetic wireless charger, this magnetic module has no electronic circuitry. As long as the magnetic modules are neatly matched, many third-party big-name MagSafe magnetic mobile phone cases are also trustworthy.

Of course, according to the feedback of friends, unless they are true digital enthusiasts, the average user rarely uses the MagSafe magnetic attraction function. If you haven't used it before, you might as well start with a magnetic wireless charger to get a feel for it. This magnetic connection,

Corner protection is the first criterion for measuring the incompetence of a mobile phone case. Many manufacturers have put a lot of effort on the corners and multilayer structures, and even used expensive impact-resistant materials, such as D3O. The thickening of the edge will inevitably increase the width of the phone. Is it thin or durable, which one do you prefer?

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Product Introduction
The transparent shell is also a favorite of many people. Since it is transparent, the MagSafe magnetic module cannot be hidden. Fortunately, the logo is right in the center of the circle. It is made of TPU+PC material, soft edges and hard back cover, and it feels good. , The outer PC hard shell resists shocks, and the inner soft TPU shock absorber further protects the phone. The 3M shock absorbing pads at the four corners are thickened and are 3mm higher than the screen. It is resistant to any drop. The suspension system design speeds up air circulation and heat dissipation, while taking care of the phone more.
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Product Features
MagSafe protective case
The all-inclusive design is also adopted, the frame position is specially designed, the airbag anti-collision strip is added, and the three-layer cushioning and shock-absorbing frame can effectively resist daily impacts.
Skin-friendly technology
The matte material, the lens is all-inclusive, and the weight is negligible. Skin-friendly technology, nano scrub guarantees the hand feel, but also says goodbye to fingerprint troubles.
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