Rainbow mobile phone case iPhone12 liquid silicone Apple 11 pro max anti-drop case

2 years ago

As the flagship mobile phone released by Apple, iPhone 13 has a very high influence. For those who use it, I believe that few people are willing to use it in a bare metal posture. After all, scratches and wear occur from time to time in daily life, and slight scratches will affect the overall experience. If it is accidentally dropped, the consequences will be even greater. It is unimaginable, and the intimate protection of the mobile phone case not only makes us feel more at ease, but also has a stylish and stylish appearance. It can also show a person's taste and temperament. Next, I will combine the iPhone 13 mobile phone to recommend this to everyone. The fashionable rainbow shatter-resistant mobile phone case shows your taste while making your love phone more stylish. Let’s take a look.

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Rainbow silicone phone case for iphone11 12 13

As a leader in the mobile phone accessories industry, our products have always been favored by users by choosing high-quality materials, exquisite workmanship and excellent quality. The same is true for the iPhone 13 series rainbow shell mobile phone case launched this time. The overall appearance strictly follows the 1:1 opening of the real machine. The hole position is accurate and the button fits, and the close fit is firm and reliable. It will not affect the wireless charging and the normal operation of the buttons.

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Product Features
The phone case is higher than the lens to protect the phone from scratches
With the development of technology, mobile phones are becoming more and more beautiful. But it also becomes more fragile. Looking back at Nokia when I was a child, it is really fresh in my memory. The quality of easily smashing walnuts is truly unparalleled. Today's mobile phones are made of various materials with Ambilight. Although the appearance value has risen a lot, there are gains and losses. Putting a scratch on the keychain in the pocket can make people feel terribly distressed.Expensive mobile phones like the iPhone make people use it with care. If you want a look and scratch-resistant, I highly recommend this phone case.
The anti-fall upgrade effectively protects the phone from accidental fall
Compared with ordinary transparent mobile phone cases, this mobile phone case has made a powerful upgrade in internal power. The surrounding protection design can easily resist the accidental drop of the phone case. The high processing design of the camera can also protect the daily wear and tear of the lens, so that you can use it more at ease.
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Q1. Can I get samples or make samples?
A: Yes, you can. Our curing samples are free, but OEM samples need to pay. The sample fee will be refunded when your order quantity reaches a certain amount.
Q2. Can I ship the goods directly to the Amazon warehouse?
A: Yes, we can make UPC code for you, and then send the goods directly to Amazon warehouse.
Q3. If we want to start our own design, what kind of documents do you need?
A: Real case images, or 2D CAD or 3D UG files, PSD, AI are all available. If not, we can draw 3D drawings for you after the mold order is confirmed.
Q4. Can we customize our own brand?
A: Yes, we can make your own designs, logos, labels, packaging, and can set up new molds for your new designs.
Q5. Are you a factory?
A: Yes, we are a factory with more than 10 years of case experience.
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