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How to judge the authenticity of the liquid silicone mobile phone case

Liquid silicone mobile phone case refers to a mobile phone case processed from liquid silica gel. The main raw material used is liquid silica gel. The liquid silicone mobile phone case can prevent the mobile phone from scratching, falling down and buffering it, which can protect the mobile phone well. German standard machinery briefly introduces the liquid silicone mobile phone case and how to distinguish the true and false of the liquid silicone mobile phone case.

Compared with the plastic case, the liquid silicone mobile phone case has its obvious advantages:

First, the liquid silicone mobile phone case feels good, soft to the touch, and elastic;

Second, the liquid silicone phone case has good elasticity, so it has a good shock-proof effect, and it is not easy to break when the phone falls from above;

The third is the slow aging of liquid silicone mobile phone cases and a long service life;

In addition, the liquid silicone phone case has good water resistance. There is a precedent that netizens have a mobile phone with a liquid silicone phone case dropped into the water and taken out.

Food-grade liquid silicone is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Because of its high food safety, this material is also used to make baby pacifiers. The liquid silicone phone case made of this material will not have unpleasant odors and volatile substances that affect health. In addition, the liquid silicone itself has excellent ductility and will not cause personal injury due to impact fracture. The durability and safety are also very reassuring.

The main method of distinguishing the authenticity of liquid silicone mobile phone cases is to press with your nails. When you get a mobile phone case, press down on the watch of the mobile phone case with your nails. After you let go, the surface will reply quickly. If you can't press it down, the one with no elasticity is fake, and the one that recovers slowly may be the solid silicone phone case.

Liquid silicone machines are widely used in the field of liquid silicone products such as medicine, food, baby products, diving supplies, electrical insulation accessories and cable accessories. In addition, with strong technical strength, German standard machinery can design the required liquid according to customer requirements Silicone injection molding equipment, and provide a complete set of solutions for liquid silicone molding: feeder, molding machine, mixing system, color paste pump, silicone mold, etc.

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