3D Embossed Mobile Phone Skin for Film Cutting Machine

2 years ago

High-quality 3D printing embossing technology

Anti-scratch image, never fade.

Easy access to all phone functions and accessory ports.

Using the Sticker Cutting Machine, you can get a Back Skin in just 30 seconds. Fashionable appearance, scratch-resistant, no air bubbles.

Express yourself through personalized phone calls to make them stand out. There are many styles and colors to choose from. Change a style every day and adapt to different emotions.

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Product details
          Mobile phone back stickers are an interesting way to decorate mobile phones, which can add style to mobile phones. One of the advantages of using decorative skins is that they will not be permanently attached to the mobile phone. This means you can choose several different back skin stickers and change the appearance of your phone according to the occasion. For example, they can be used to decorate mobile phones during holidays, seasons of the year, or special events such as birthdays, wedding receptions, and any other imaginable occasions.
          Made of high-quality PVC materials. High-quality material with good bonding composition. Bring you a durable Back Film with perfect texture and grip without bubbles.
          Good adhesive composition can cover perfectly. Does not peel off with use, leaving no residual glue after removal. Elegant, modern and original. Slim and lightweight Phone Back Sticker with perfect fit on the edge. Ideal protection against dirt, scratches, dust and the danger of slipping out of your hands.
          High-precision 3D Relief Back Sticker, three-dimensional 3D embossed feel. Use a Back Sticker Cutting Machine for cutting. Provide accurate and perfect protection for your precious equipment. The accuracy of the camera, buttons, and ports.