High Quality Eye Protection Green Light Screen Protector for Hydrogel Cutting Machine

2 years ago

JJT uses the chlorophyll defocusing principle on the green screen protector to prevent the eyeball from focusing for a long time, effectively alleviate eye fatigue, and achieve better vision protection.

While filtering blue light to protect the eyes, it can actively filter the target wavelength and provide a band in the range of 380-400nm. Can effectively block 100% harmful light.

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What is the difference between a Green Light Screen Protector and an Anti-blue Light Screen Protector?

There are two common Screen Protective Film on the market that can resist blue light, which are divided into Anti-blue Screen Protective Film and green light screen protective film. So what is the difference between the two?

The Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector uses blue light blocking technology to absorb and convert blue light, while the green light screen protector uses the principle of chlorophyll defocus, using green light film to prevent the eyeball from being in focus for a long time, thereby protecting the eyes. Both can effectively block blue light, but there will be differences in different usage scenarios.

Due to material reasons, the Anti-Blue Screen Protector  has excellent radiation resistance. But relatively, its light transmittance is low, which will cause distortion of the screen to some extent. Once you are outside in a well-lit area, it is even difficult to see the content on the screen. Therefore, the Anti-Blue Light Protective Film is more suitable for users who use mobile phones indoors for a long time.

On the contrary, the Green Light Film has stronger light transmittance and outstanding UV resistance. While absorbing the harmful ultraviolet rays of strong light, it reduces the glare caused by strong light to the eyes. Even if you are outdoors, you don’t have to worry about your phone’s screen getting dark because of the screen protector.

In summary, the Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector and the Green Light Film have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before you buy, try to choose the one you need.