High Quality Ultra-thin Green Light Screen Protector for Mobile Phones

2 years ago

The Green Light Screen Protective Film uses the principle of chlorophyll defocusing to prevent the eyeball from focusing for a long time, effectively alleviating eye fatigue, and achieving better vision protection.

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Can Green Protective Film prevent blue light?

Most users think that the Mobile Phone Screen Protector can only protect the phone screen from damage, but in fact, the screen protector can also protect our eyes. This involves the Blu-ray that everyone has heard of.

The Green Light Screen Protective Film can actively filter the target wavelength, while providing a band in the range of 380-400nm. Can effectively block 100% harmful light. The green light film has super light transmittance and excellent UV resistance. While absorbing the harmful ultraviolet rays in the strong light, it reduces the glare caused by the strong light on the eyes. In addition, the green light film uses the defocusing principle of chlorophyll to prevent the eyeball from focusing for a long time, thereby protecting the eyes.

The green light Hydrogel Screen Protector is made of high-quality TPU soft material, which completely covers the edge of any device, so it can completely cover the curved edge of the phone, and has the greatest scratch resistance. The flexible TPU material can automatically repair scratches and bubbles within 24 hours.

Therefore, the Green Light Screen Protector can not only effectively protect the eyes from blue light, but also protect the mobile phone screen from scratches by sharp objects from the outside.