Customized Crystal Clear Back Sticker for Mobile Phone

2 years ago

Jianjiantong Customized crystal clear back sticker for mobile phone manufacturers From China,Over 13 Years Experience,In Supply OEM & ODM TPU Screen Protector.

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Product details
Best Protection
The Crystal Clear Back Sticker is the best choice to provide maximum scratch protection for the device. The ultra-clear, ultra-thin film is suitable for the back of your device or even the camera lens to provide scratch protection.
Ultra-thin and Transparent
The Crystal Clear Back Skin can be directly applied to your device without changing its original fashion look in any way. Only 0.14 mm thickness. The Back Film is almost invisible after application, providing optically transparent protection for the entire device, which is unmatched by other casings.
Super Grip
Our whole body Crystal Clear Phone Back Film can provide extra grip for your device without making the Phone Back Skin feel sticky. After applying our Crystal Clear Back Film to your device, you can hold them safely without worrying about your device slide out during normal use.
Personalized Customization
Each Crystal Clear Mobile Phone Back Sticker can be customized by the Hydrogel Film Cutting Machine to customize the precise Back Sticker suitable for the device, so that all ports and buttons can be fully accessed. Its unique super soft characteristics enable it to cover the most complex curves and contours in your device.